How to Ensure Your Best Man Stands Out on the Wedding Day

He plays an important role in the celebration, so he deserves to look his best, too.

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It's an honor to be asked to serve as a groom's best man, and that's true whether the men are brothers or lifelong friends. And since the best man plays such an integral role in the wedding, he should look the part. Not only is he responsible for planning the bachelor party, guarding the rings, and getting the groom down the aisle, he's also writing a speech, keeping the rest of the guys in line, and likely helping with a variety of other tasks. It's only right that he's honored on the big day with a look that helps him stand out from the rest of the attendants. Whether you ask him to wear an entirely different outfit or simply enhance his matching attire with something unique, there are a number of good ways to help your best man feel as special as he is.

Give Him a Different Look

The first way to make your best man stand out is visually. If all of the groomsmen are wearing ties, maybe he can wear a bow tie. Another fun option is to gift him a unique pocket square that's a different color or pattern than what the other groomsmen are wearing. Ultimately, though it's a small change, it can make a big visual impact. "Giving a special tie, jacket, vest, or boutonnière could be just the right touch," Susan Norcross, owner and wedding director at The Styled Bride, says. "However just pick one of those, not all four!" With one special accessory, your best man will instantly shine among the group while still maintaining a uniform look all together. After all, the groom should stand out the most!

Give Him Some Spotlight

The best man usually offers a toast during the reception, but there are other responsibilities you can offer him to show him how important he is to you. Consider asking him to serve as the witness when you sign your marriage license, perform a song or a reading during the ceremony, or emcee part of the reception. Offering him extra responsibilities on the day of the wedding is a great way to show your appreciation for his support in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way

If you're looking for a subtle way to make sure your best man feel special on the big day, you might want to acknowledge him on the day. "Be sure, as the groom, to thank them with a special gift, acknowledgement at the rehearsal dinner and in your program or on your wedding website," Norcross recommends. By giving your best man a special shout out, they'll feel appreciated for going above and beyond to make sure all of the details of your wedding (and pre-wedding events) go off without a hitch.

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