31 Sustainable Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Minna Albers Runner in Meadow
Courtesy of Minna

Making sure our purchases contribute to the world we want create has never been more important, which is why more and more of us are choosing to shop sustainably. This commitment shouldn't end when the holiday season begins, especially not when there are a myriad of incredible gifts on the market that give back or help us positively contribute to Mother Earth. So, when you're shopping for that perfect holiday present—or scooping up birthday and anniversary gifts over the course of the rest of the year—make a concerted effort to seek out reputable, ethical brands with values that match yours.

Wondering exactly how an item earns a sustainable label? It all comes down to how it is produced from an environmental perspective and how it benefits the maker. In other words, a sustainable product needs to help the environment in which it is created, while also offering positive social and economic effects along the way. This goes for all stages of its production, from product development and manufacturing to shipping—and all the way through to its disposal. On the whole, a sustainable object leaves a positive impact throughout every phase of its life cycle.

If we shopped this way 100-percent of the time, we'd be well on our way to shaping a better world. Looking to start now, through your gift search? To help you get there, our editors went ahead and rounded up several sustainable gifts; these items were either manufactured with the environment in mind or will help their recipient lower the own carbon footprint. We call that a win-win, every time.

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Floor Baskets

The Citizenry "Bolga" Floor Baskets
Courtesy of The Citizenry

Corral blankets, toys, throw pillows, and more in these floor baskets, which were woven from elephant grass in a fair-trade environment in Ghana. Their production supports communities in the remote region of Bolgatanga, where artisans put each basket through an eight-step process (they take up to a day each to complete).

Shop Now: The Citizenry "Bolga" Floor Baskets, $195, the-citizenry.com.

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Zero Waste Kit

ChopValue Zero Waste Kit
Courtesy of Verishop

Here's a zero-waste kit with an entertaining edge. In it, you'll find cheese boards, coasters, and straws—as well as toothbrushes for any overnight guests.

Shop Now: ChopValue Zero Waste Kit, $68, verishop.com.

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Plantable Candle

Esker Plantable Candle
Courtesy of Standard Dose

After she burns through this candle—fragrant with notes of cedar, palo santo, and sweet rock rose—she can re-fill it with the included seed pod. In a few weeks, culinary herbs grow where the wax once was (and the terrazzo vessel becomes a planter).

Shop Now: Esker Plantable Candle, $85, standarddose.com.

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Perfume Oil

Kindred Black "Madness in Waves" Pulse Point Perfume Oil
Courtesy of Kindred Black

Speaking of reusable vessels: This organic pulse-point perfume oil's bottle is a forever keepsake.

Shop Now: Kindred Black "Madness in Waves" Pulse Point Perfume Oil, $165, kindredblack.com.

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Seed Cannon

The Sill Wildflower Seed Paper Cannon
Courtesy of The Sill

Here's a punchy, earth-nurturing stocking stuffer: This paper cannon releases biodegradable confetti embedded with seeds. The recipient can save them for spring, pop them outdoors, and watch how their garden grows.

Shop Now: The Sill Wildflower Seed Paper Cannon, $15, thesill.com.

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Stainless-Steel Straws

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Straws
Courtesy of Sur La Table

He can carry these stainless-steel straws wherever he goes—they render plastic or paper ones entirely unnecessary.

Shop Now: Sur La Table Stainless Steel Straws, $15, surlatable.com.

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Reusable Cotton Rounds

Prados Beauty Bamoo Eco Face Pads
Courtesy of Thirteen Lune

She'll never buy disposable cotton rounds again when armed with these washable iterations.

Shop Now: Prados Beauty Bamoo Eco Face Pads, $35, thirteenlune.com.

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Tech-Friendly Cutting Board

Etu Home German Carving Board
Courtesy of Etu Home

This handmade cutting board was manufactured from sustainable wood sourced in Europe. Its phone slot is its winning feature, as it allows you to keep your recipe at the ready while you work.

Shop Now: Etú Home German Carving Board, $225, etuhome.com.

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Fire Starter

Prime 6 Fire Starters
Courtesy of Prime Six

As it turns out, most commercial fire starters (which we turn to over and again during the holiday season) are deleterious to the environment. This earth-friendly option, however, was made from hardwood sawdust and wax and will get your fireplace or outdoor bonfire chugging in no time.

Shop Now: Prime 6 Fire Starters, $13, prime-six.com.

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Pretty Earrings

Courtesy of SVNR

AAPI- and woman-owned, this jewelry brand features hand-made pieces composed of entirely sustainable materials. Sold individually (and meant to be mixed and matched!), this piece was crafted from pearl and porcelain.

Shop Now: SVNR Shop "JINGDEZHEN" Earrings, $150, svnrshop.com.

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Reusable Sponges

Ardent Goods Do Good Sponge
Courtesy of Ardent Goods

Add a pack of these linen dish-washing loofahs to a hostess' holiday basket. They're eco-friendly in two ways: They were made from entirely sustainable textiles (including the cotton stitching that holds them together!) and are washable, which means she can cut down on single-use sponges.

Shop Now: Ardent Goods Do Good Sponge, $20, ardentgoods.com.

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Heather Socks

Paper Project Hemp Heather Crew Socks
Courtesy of Verishop

Two natural fibers form this cozy pair of crew socks: Japanese paper yarn eliminates odor and keeps feet dry, while organic cotton offers maximum softness.

Shop Now: Paper Project Hemp Heather Crew Socks, $48, verishop.com.

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Heymat Mats
Courtesy of Heymat

This indoor doormat was made from recyclable materials—and brings a touch of Scandinavian minimalism to their home.

Shop Now: Heymat Doormat in Gray Granite, $150, heymat.com.

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Compost Food Cycler

Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler FC-50
Courtesy of Amazon

Want to help your dad cut down on kitchen waste with ease? This food cycler can take your food waste items from scraps to fertilizer in four to six hours, cutting food waste by almost 90 percent. Additionally, the fertilizer the cycler produces can be used in the garden around his home to produce bigger, more bountiful blooms. It's a great option for someone who doesn't have the space for traditional composting.

Shop Now: Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler FC-50, $379.95, amazon.com.

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Body Scrub

Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator
Courtesy of Nécessaire

Treat your mom and sister to a renewed glow with this body scrub by Nécessaire. This gel lotion comes in a soft eucalyptus scent and is guaranteed clean and vegan; the company uses 85-percent post-consumer waste boxes and 100-percent recyclable paper for boxes and shippers. They work with Forest Stewardship Council-certified vendors only and never use materials from virgin forests.

Shop Now: Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator, $30, nordstrom.com.

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Terrazzo Water Bottle

Porter Bottle in Terrazzo
Courtesy of W&P

This water bottle is covered in ever-popular terrazzo and is made from 100-percent food-safe silicone. You'll help your loved one stay hydrated without the fear of consuming micro-plastics through disposable water bottles. To make things even easier, this is a dishwasher-safe option.

Shop Now: Porter Bottle in Terrazzo, $25, amazon.com.

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All-in-One Sewing Kit

wildflower delivery co sewing kit
Courtesy of Wildflower Delivery Co.

Budding seamstresses will appreciate these one-stop-shop kits from Wildflower Delivery Co., which come with everything she needs—instructions, included—to create pieces that run the wardrobe gamut, from linen wrap dresses to cute headbands. The company offers a do-it-yourself alternative to the fast-fashion model, teaching style enthusiasts how to sew their own garments, instead. The fabric is as sustainable as the method: Textiles are made from 100-percent natural fibers and digitally printed to reduce synthetic dye runoff.

Shop Now: Wildflower Delivery Co. Sewing Kit, price dependent on kit, wildflowerdeliveryco.com.

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Essential Pan

Our Place Always Essential Cooking Pan
Courtesy of Our Place

The aspiring chef in your life deserves a product made without potentially toxic materials like lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles. The Always Plate from Our Place is made with a non-toxic and nonstick ceramic coating over an aluminum body, which heats quickly and evenly, requiring less energy during the preheating process (a win for the environment!).

Shop Now: Our Place Always Essential Cooking Pan, $99, fromourplace.com.

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Baskets That Give Back

Baba Tree Basket Company Baskets
David Chow

Masterfully handwoven from elephant grass by artisans in Ghana, these market baskets beautifully corral towels, throws, and toys.

Shop Now: Baba Tree Basket Company Baskets, $100 each, babatree.com.

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Plant-Dyed Bandanas

Pirtti Handwoven Plant-Dyed Bandanas
Courtesy of At Land

Crafted using 100-percent organic cotton and all-natural plant dyes, these beautiful bandanas are made under sustainable processing practices. The plants sourced for dying are harvested when they are in season, and they are chosen based on their availability, which limits the amount of transportation required for their manufacture.

Shop Now: Pirtti Handwoven Plant-Dyed Bandanas, $36, atland.com.

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Ethical Diamond Studs

Bario Neal Ray Fringe Diamond Studs
Courtesy of Bario Neal

These diamond studs are made using recycled diamonds and metal, which mean they are completely conflict free. Bario Neal sources material in a way that reflects both the company's commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability. Purchase these diamond stud earrings for a loved one, and you are investing in someone else's loved one, too—proceeds help communities that are affected by the mining and manufacturing of precious stones and metals.

Shop Now: Bario Neal Ray Fringe Diamond Studs, from $280, bario-neal.com.

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Cozy Throw

Johanna Howard Home Cozi Throw
David Chow

Cocoon a loved one in a gauzy wool-and-cotton throw. It has a different hue on each side (a decorating twofer!) and comes in seven chic color combinations.

Shop Now: Johanna Howard Home Cozi Throw, $175, johannahoward.com.

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Super-Soft Duvet

Somn Linen Duvet Cover
Courtesy of Somn Home

Made from a stonewashed yarn-dyed weave, this soft duvet delivers the best night sleep to both hot and cold sleepers. Somn uses the finest sustainable European flax, grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, in all of their products; additionally, their linens are fully biodegradable.

Shop Now: Somn Linen Duvet Cover, $247, somnhome.com.

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Modern Gingham Runner

Minna Albers Runner in Meadow
Courtesy of Minna

Handwoven by women—in a woman-run co-operative based out if Cajolá, Guatemala—these table runners add texture to your dining room and put the women of Cajolá in a position to earn fair wages doing what was once traditionally considered "men's work." The co-op, which also provides childcare and professional training, was established in 2008. Your purchase contributes to maintaining its services and allows you to continue bringing beautiful handwoven linens into your and your loved ones' homes.

Shop Now: Minna Albers Runner in Meadow, $80, minna-goods.com.

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Robe for Lounging

Deji Studios Pinstripe Robe
Courtesy of Deji Studios

A French linen lining makes this luxe lounging robe feel as light as a feather against your skin. The biodegradable garments are also made using a "slow fashion" production model in a warehouse that operates sustainably on every front, from how and where it ships products to internal climate control. And when you buy products from Deji Studios, they will be shipped to your home in compostable packaging, which means their offerings are green from start to finish.

Shop Now: Deji Studios Pinstripe Robe, $219, dejistudios.com.

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Sustainable Leather Tote

Parker Clay Caroline Tote
Courtesy of Parker Clay

Ethically and sustainably made, this brown Ethiopian leather tote is sleek, stylish, and won't increase the size of your carbon footprint. Parker Clay works directly with farmers and the local agricultural market in Addis Ababa to keep money in the hands of the local farmers and businesses providing the materials. Additionally, their sister non-profit, Ellilta, helps them connect with woman fleeing the local sex work industry, so that they can provide them with high paying and sustainable jobs.

Shop Now: Parker Clay Caroline Tote, $228, parkerclay.com.

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Nourishing Balm

Saie Beauty Liquid Lip Balm
Courtesy of Saie Beauty

With packaging made from post-consumer recycled plastic, a tube of Saie Beauty's lip balm-gloss hybrid will add a touch of color and a bit of moisture to your lips. The product is made from clean ingredients only, like beeswax, squalene, and coconut oil; there is no petroleum, a known carcinogen, in the formula.

Shop Now: Saie Beauty Liquid Lip Balm, $16, saiehello.com.

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Reusable Snack Bags

Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags in Mojave Mix
Courtesy of Stasher Bag

If you purchase this reusable silicone bag set, Stasher will send one percent of the proceeds of your order to the Mojave Desert Land Trust, which is working to preserve the vast, open land for generations to come. Each set of bags arrives without packaging, keeping your carbon footprint small in the process. Plus, using food storage bags can help your recipient reduce food and plastic waste, overall.

Shop Now: Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags in Mojave Mix, $39.19, stasherbag.com.

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Sustainable Dishware

Hawkins New York Shaker Dinnerware
Courtesy of Hawkins New York

This dishware collection was curated by Hawkins New York, who sources their bespoke products from artisans all over the world. Each piece of stoneware is produced without any excess or design flourish, something Hawkins calls function over form, a return to the simplicity of materials that do exactly what they're supposed to and nothing more.

Shop Now: Hawkins New York Shaker Dinnerware, from $10, hawkinsnewyork.com.

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Signature Scent

Abel White Vetiver Perfume
Courtesy of Abel

SOIL Haiti is working towards transforming waste products in Haiti into rich and organic compost—and one percent of every purchase of Abel White Vetiver Perfume (which smells of lime, mint, and caramelized wood drydown) goes towards supporting them. Since 2006, SOUL Haiti has worked to create a way to provide access to safe, dignified sanitation that can be transformed into economic opportunities in under-resourced communities.

Shop Now: Abel White Vetiver Perfume, $150, abelodor.com.

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Bath Towel Set

Bolé Road Melkam Bath Set
Courtesy of Bolé Road

Designed by Bolé Road in New York, these neutral gray towels are handwoven in Ethiopia by master local artisans. All of the company's products are ethically sourced.

Shop Now: Bolé Road Melkam Bath Set, from $214, boleroadtextiles.com.

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