Our founder can't get enough of this eco-friendly cleaning product.

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If there's one thing we've learned to expect from Martha, it's that she always has a new trick up her sleeve. Even after countless cooking demonstrations, delicious recipes, gardening tips, and clever advice on how to make everyday life easier and more beautiful, our founder always surprises—and delights—us with genius ideas.

During a recent Instagram Live, Martha shared that she uses bar cloths instead of paper towels in her kitchen and all around her house. "I learned this from my friends in a Japanese restaurant. The sushi chefs have clean, wet bar clothes," she explained. She then demonstrated how easy it is to clean a cutting board or any surface using a damp bar cloth.


After learning the trick from the chefs, Martha found a similar version and proceeded to stock up. "I just found them at the local Target and they were $1 each and I bought every single bar cloth I could find," she said. "I must have 500 of them." She joked that they're the "biggest amount of laundry."

Microfiber cloths are known for their ability to absorb small and large spills, dust and de-grease surfaces, and clean bacteria. From bookcases and coffee tables to kitchen countertops and bathroom appliances, you can use them in any area of your home. Stock up on a variety of colors to designate different cloths for each area.

Not only are reusable bar cloths more eco-friendly than paper towels, but Martha also treasures them because they last for a couple of years. "We never waste paper towels so we always use our bar clothes for a lot of different things," she says. This multi-pack of solid terry dishcloths from the big-box retailer will allow you to clean up just like Martha ($3.99 for six, target.com).

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September 10, 2021
Hi there, I’d love to get clarification on the type of towel she is referring to. The bar towel used by the sushi chefs would traditionally be a white cotton bar mop towel - but microfiber towels are referenced as well. Which towel does she use to replace paper towel use in the kitchen daily? I would also love to know how she suggests laundering them! Thanks!