Le Creuset's Best-Selling Storage Containers Are Currently 20 Percent Off

Keep countertops tidy and preserve pantry staples with these essentials.

Our editors love nothing more than a well-organized kitchen. One of the best ways to keep your space tidy and also preserve pantry staples is by using airtight storage containers. And while there are lots of different options on the market, Le Creuset's Storage Canisters are a winner. And right now, they're 20 percent off, which means there's never been a better time to refresh your kitchen countertops or pantry than right now.

Le Creuset Storage Canister
Courtesy of Le Creuset

Choose between seven different iconic shades from the French cookware brand—Cerise, Flame, Caribbean, Marseille, White, Meringue, and Oyster. Ranging in size from 12 ounces to two-and-a-half quarts, these containers are perfect for storing spices and seasonings such as salt and freshly ground pepper to baking essentials like all-purpose flour and granulated sugar.

Like all of Le Creuset's products, these storage containers are made from premium stoneware, which blocks moisture absorption and is totally crack-resistant. And the best part is that the stoneware container is dishwasher safe. The wooden lid, which should be hand-washed, has a silicone gasket seal that keeps pests at bay and contents fresh.

Le Creuset 12 Ounce Canister, White
Courtesy of Le Creuset

12-Ounce Canister

Store everyday essentials like kosher or flaky salt, freshly ground pepper, cane sugar for your coffee, or your favorite spice blend in this miniature canister.

Shop Now: Le Creuset 12-Ounce Canister in White, $20.80 (originally $28), lecreuset.com.

Le Creuset Canister in Caribbean
Courtesy of Le Creuset

22-Ounce Canister

The perfect vessel for storing coffee (whole beans or ground), tea bags, or specialty flour (think almond or quinoa), this larger container is both pretty and practical.

Shop Now: Le Creuset 22-Ounce Canister in Caribbean, $28 (originally $35), lecreuset.com.

Le Creuset Canister in Marseille
Courtesy of Le Creuset

1½ Quart Canister

When you need to store large quantities of ingredients (pasta, rice, flour, or dried beans), this larger canister fits the bill.

Shop Now: Le Creuset 1½ Quart Canister in Marseille, $40 (originally $50), lecreuset.com.

Le Creuset Canister in Oyster
Courtesy of Le Creuset

2½ Quart Canister

The largest container from Le Creuset's collection, this tall canister measures eight inches in height and five-and-a-half inches wide. According to the brand, it can hold three pounds of flour or four pounds of sugar.

Shop Now: Le Creuset 1½ Quart Canister in Oyster, $49.60 (originally $62), lecreuset.com.

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