These Pretty Vases Are Perfect for Your Flower Arrangements

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vase of flowers on wooden table with red couch
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Keeping your home stocked with a steady supply of fresh flowers isn't difficult no matter what the season may be. Whether you're clipping some fall bloomers or picking up a vibrant bunch from your weekend trip to the farmers' market, you likely have access to pretty florals all year round—and you need a pretty vessel to show them off. The right vase won't compete with your flowers; instead, it will enhance their natural beauty. But that doesn't mean that you your pot has to fade into the background, especially if you like to store yours in plain sight: We love a vase that pulls double duty—it should look lovely when filled with flowers and make a statement all on its own, completely empty.

If you're concentrating on the former—filling your vessel with flowers—don't limit yourself to lush varieties. If buds and blooms aren't your speed, these vases will also look sharp holding greenery. Use them to display palm clippings or seasonal branches; alternatively, propagate your favorite plants within them. However you choose to fill them, make sure you are regularly changing the water and avoiding submerging any leaves (skipping either can speed up the decaying process). And it's just as important to keep everything clean: Make sure you're washing your vases according to the manufacturer's instructions. Often, this means wiping the exterior down with a damp cloth. Most of the vases on our list should not be submerged in hot, soapy water, and never run through the dishwasher. When in doubt, err on the side of caution when it comes to cleaning your new piece.

While knowing how to best fill and care for your vase is essential, choosing an option you really love is the most important detail of all. Ahead, you'll find vases for just about any style. Whether you're searching for whimsical see-through items that let the florals do the talking or statement ceramic pieces that don't need a single bud to make you stop in your tracks, we've culled a list that works across multiple aesthetics. Order one (or a few!) and snip a few blooms—the arranging fun has just begun.

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Color Block

Pottery Barn Color Block Glass Mason Jar Vase
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

These contrasting color-blocked mason jars do all the work—they make just about any floral variety pop.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn Color Block Glass Mason Jar Vase, from $129,

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Anthropologie Shibori-Dyed Leather Vase
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Inspired by the Japanese shibori, a style of hand-dying, these vases are made from leather and glass. Choose from one of three sizes and colorways.

Shop Now: Anthropologie Shibori-Dyed Leather Vase, $88,

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All About the Handles

Ferm Living Ania Muses Vase
Courtesy of Verishop

Bring a touch of ancient Greece into your home with this updated, but classic vase, made from glazed ceramic.

Shop Now: Ferm Living Ania Muses Vase, $89,

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Roses and Vines

Terrain Rose + Vine Terra-Cotta Vase
Courtesy of Terrain

Perpetuate those floral vibes—even when your vase isn't filled with flowers—with this rose- and vine-covered option, featuring hand-painted motifs over terra-cotta.

Shop Now: Terrain Rose + Vine Terra-Cotta Vase, from $38,

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Anthropologie "Sabrina" Vase
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Show off your best bouquet in these individually crafted vases. Available in two colors, green and brown, they are sure to highlight the natural beauty of your clippings.

Shop Now: Anthropologie "Sabrina" Vase, $68,

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Brown Bubbles

Heath Ceramics Tall Vase in Opaque White and Matte Brown
Courtesy of Heath Ceramics

If you're looking for a way to show off flowers with a little height, you'll love this tall, sturdy vase by Heath Ceramics (it's perfect for your farm house). Brown, textured bubbles stand out in contrast against the opaque white vessel.

Shop Now: Heath Ceramics Tall Vase in Opaque White and Matte Brown, $283,

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Matte Black

OKA Short Matte Black Cylinder Vase in Soot
Courtesy of OKA

Your flowers and cut greens—especially jewel-toned ones—will really pop against the matte black of this short matte vase.

Shop Now: OKA Short Matte Black Cylinder Vase in Soot, $65,

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Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen Ikebana Vase
Courtesy of Danish Design Store

Want to try your hand at Ikebana floral arranging, but don't know where to start? Scoop up this vase, with an elevated tray with slots for flowers—simply fill in the plate and you've done it.

Shop Now: Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen Ikebana Vase, $132,

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March Hand Blown Swedish Vako Vases
Courtesy of March

These Swedish vases are made from hand-blown glass and were designed to emulate the movement of water and ice in local forests.

Shop Now: March Hand Blown Swedish Vako Vases, from $170,

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Beach Stone

Bloomist Large Beach Stone Vase
Courtesy of Bloomist

Made in the United States from stones found along the New England coast, these hand-drilled vases are a unique way to show off your cut flowers—they're perfect for single buds. Since they are sourced directly from the shorelines, each one will be different.

Shop Now: Bloomist Large Beach Stone Vase, $58,

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Moon Jars

Sheldon Ceramics Moon Vases
Courtesy of Sheldon Ceramics

These vessels are aptly named—the spherical ceramics looks just look moons. Choose from one of eight neutral colors and four different sizes.

Shop Now: Sheldon Ceramics Moon Vases, from $68,

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