The Miniatures Trend Is Having a Moment—Try One of Our Favorite Kits

rowood office miniature kit
Courtesy of RoWood Store

Miniature art is having a moment and it's not hard to see why. Equal parts sentimental and innovative, the miniatures trend pays homage to old-school craft traditions—think dollhouse décor and mini portraits—while challenging conventional artistic mediums. "There is an intrinsic desire to pick up and play with miniature objects and to embed ourselves in these small worlds," says artist Aleia Murawski, who, along with artist Sam Copeland, creates mesmerizing miniature art scenes that have attracted the likes of Nike and Opening Ceremony. "There's a pleasure in feeling slightly outside or above these scenes, too."

And like any art form, learning how to work with miniatures requires patience, skill, and raw talent. "It usually takes us a few days to a few weeks to construct a single scene," Murawski says. "Right now, we are building a tiny neighborhood and all of the houses are made from recycled pizza boxes. Working in miniature allows me to process, arrange, and synthesize concepts of the larger world. I love being able to create or reconstruct stories about my lived experience (or sometimes an imagined past or future) through the lens of a snail."

Of course, miniature art also offers plenty of voyeuristic appeal. "Utilizing the small scale, I can make the viewer become a voyeur," explains miniature artist Tracey Snelling. "They're are able to peer into many windows and the lives of the characters that inhabit the work."

Feeling inspired by the miniature art trend? Click through to see the kits—constructed rooms and accessories, included—to help you create your own small scene at home.

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Mini Eames Lounge Set

Dollhouse Miniature Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Set
Courtesy of Factory Direct Craft

Midcentury modern furniture lovers, rejoice: We found the perfect mini kit for you. This tiny Eames-inspired lounge chair and ottoman set is composed of molded wood and faux leather that looks just like the real deal.

Shop Now: Factory Direct Craft Dollhouse Miniature Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Set, $21.49,

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Mini Bathroom Set

LunaHut Miniature Bath 1:12 Scale
Courtesy of Luna Hut

The only thing more relaxing than a Scandi-style bathroom setup is a tiny one you can play with. This adorable miniature freestanding tub, cabinet, and shelf kit features a sleek, modern design that minimalists will love.

Shop Now: LunaHut Miniature Bath 1:12 Scale, $42.66,

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Mini Modern Dining Room

Djeco “The Dining Room”
Courtesy of Djeco

If Memphis Group inspired spaces are more your speed, then consider this eye-catching mini dining room kit. Complete with yellow plastic molded chairs, red candlesticks, and a blue faux ceramic bowl, this colorful tiny dining room set is every bit as bold as it is charming.

Shop Now: Djeco "The Dining Room", $15,

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Mini Home Furniture Set

Pottery Barn Glenview Dollhouse Accessory Set
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Searching for a contemporary miniature furniture kit that spans several different rooms? This intricately crafted set features a canopy bed, upholstered sofa, beech wood dresser, nightstand, dining table, chairs and a lacquered bath tub.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn Glenview Dollhouse Accessory Set, $69,

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Mini Farmhouse

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Toy Doll Farmhouse
Courtesy of Target

If you're a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, then check out this amazing mini Magnolia-inspired farmhouse. As part of the Gaines' home and lifestyle collection, this painted dollhouse, which is composed of natural wood, makes the perfect backdrop for rustic miniature scenes.

Shop Now: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture, $130,

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Mini Office

Dollhouse Miniature Office Set
Courtesy of Factory Direct Craft

If working from home has inspired your own interiors, outfit your next small-scale display with this set. (We happen to think it's a miniature replica akin to Martha's.) The clean-lined miniature writing desk comes with a small rolling office chair and a computer monitor to boot.

Shop Now: Factory Direct Craft Dollhouse Miniature Office Set, $40.79,

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Midcentury Living Room Set

3StarStudioArts The LOUNGE Living Room Set in Walnut
Courtesy of 3StarStudioArts

Why buy a mini midcentury style sofa when you can get a whole room set instead? This walnut and birchwood furniture kit includes a three-seat sofa, coordinating club chair, and a kidney-shaped coffee table to complete the tiny scene.

Shop Now: 3StarStudioArts The LOUNGE Living Room Set in Walnut, $34,

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Mini Bedroom Set

RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Furniture "Alice's Dreamy Bedroom"
Courtesy of RoWood Store

A little bedding can go a long way on a miniature bed. This kit features a palette queen bed and a hand-finished mattress, comforter, pillow, and sheet set so you'll have everything you need to recreate a mini bedroom display.

Shop Now: RoWood DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Furniture "Alice's Dreamy Bedroom", $40,

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Tiny Kitchen Set

Djeco “The Kitchen”
Courtesy of Djeco

Dreaming of making a miniature scene with tiny cooking appliances and cookware? This delightful tiny kitchenette kit boasts a sink, oven, and mini refrigerator stocked with juices, condiments, and soda cans.

Shop Now: Djeco "The Kitchen", $34,

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Mini Camper Kit

HandsCraftUS DGM04, DIY Miniature Camper Van Kit: Happy Camper
Courtesy of Hands Craft

Consider this tiny camper set the Rolls Royce of miniature kits. Along with a pink trailer decked out with a kitchen, cookware, rug, and sink, this over-the-top mini camper kit comes with a barbecue grill, bistro table, and luggage so you can recreate a true vacation-inspired scene.

Shop Now: HandsCraftUS DGM04, DIY Miniature Camper Van Kit: Happy Camper, $35,

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