The Most Vocal Cat Breeds

mewing kitten
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Cats, like us, are individuals. Even within breeds, cats have their own personality traits and preferences. But why are some cats, like the Siamese or the Cornish Rex, more talkative than others?

"Vocalization in cats has been an area of interest for a long time and the differences in vocalizations between wild cats and domestic cats," says Becky Mossor, RTV, head of feline education at Basepaws. "What we are learning is that cat vocalizations are more for communicating with their people than for communicating with each other."

While we love cats in general, talkative cats tend to be popular because people enjoy their meows, chirps, trills, and purrs—plus, chatty pets can help ease loneliness. Read on for the most talkative types to bring home.

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American Bobtail

American Bobtail
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If you're looking for a cat that likes to talk and can be trained to walk on a leash, look no further than the American Bobtail. This breed is also very good with children.

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Javanese cat
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Talkative? Check. Slim, lithe build and regal appearance? Check. The Javanese (now a sub-breed, generally a Balinese-ancestry cat) is every bit as demonstrative a talker as the Siamese, although comparatively softer in tone.

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Bengal cat
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The Bengal cat, like its distant ancestral leopards, jaguars, and ocelots, is an attention-seeking climber that will call out to you from its perch. You can train some cats to walk on a leash during outside adventures, and they maintain their playful attitude well into their senior years.

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Burmese cat lying on bed
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Playful and people-oriented, the Burmese will be the first to give and receive affection in the household. This cat has a softer meow and has no trouble making their presence known, enjoying good conversation with their human caretakers.

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ocicat cats
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The Ocicat may be a house cat, but she's close to her ancestral roots in appearance with coat types like tawny, cinnamon, lavender, and ebony silver. Self-confident and highly intelligent, these cats will readily greet you and any visitors who arrive at your door.

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Oriental Shorthair cat
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The svelte Oriental breed enjoys human company and will develop a close relationship with at least one member of the family. They will readily offer a comforting purr as much as a chastising yowl if you leave them at home alone for too long.

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peterbald cat sitting
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A (sometimes) hairless cat breed, the Peterbald needs regular grooming to keep its skin soft and comfortable. These cats tend to get along with just about everyone—adults, children, dogs, and other pets—and they'll meow loudly in your company.

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Siamese cat laying on a bed of straw
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Famously, Siamese cats are known for their talkative personalities. These felines are incredibly social, intelligent, and vocal—they'll talk to anyone who wants to listen and, frankly, even those who don't.

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Hairless Sphynx cat
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The iconic Sphynx is not always hairless as their appearance would seem—many of them have a very peachy, fine down to their skin. This cat breed is sweet-natured, lively, and meows loudly, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to talk with your cat.

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Tonkinese Cats in a Laundry Barrel
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The Tonkinese cat is a master at playing games of fetch, tag, and hide-and-seek. With this gregarious personality comes meowing and happy purrs, which will help endear them to family and friends alike.

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