12 of Our Favorite Artisanal Dog Toys

Wild One Toy Kit
Courtesy of Wild One

A good toy does more than entertain your dog: It's also about bonding time with you. Whether it's designed for tossing, chewing, treat-finding, or a game of tug-of-war, toys are popular because they're interactive and encourage play. And this factors into your dog's mental health and level of stimulation. Ideally, you'll want a toy befitting your dog's size of breed—whether he's a larger-than-life working dog or a small dog living in a city apartment.

Any such dog toy is made better by local artisans. Look to some of our favorite brands for handmade appeal and a modern aesthetic. A plush stuffed animal that's luxuriously soft makes for an ideal cuddle buddy. A rope toy that's hand-tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes is safe, even beneficial, for Fido's dental health. And a tennis ball with an all-natural reinforced rubber core is ideal pitching a few throws while cheering "fetch!" These should be made of a durable material, otherwise they'll get ripped to shreds.

Of course, it's best if a dog toy is fun for the owner to play with, too. Designed toys that have very distinct, almost cartoon-y shape are as covetable for you as they are for Fido—think a stuffed can of "Lick Croix" or a boot your dog is actually allowed to chew; any of these things would make a human laugh when their dog is playing with it. In the market for such a find? Click through and shop, as here are a dozen of our favorites.

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Fetch-Worthy Tennis Balls

Wild One Tennis Balls
Courtesy of Wild One

These signature tennis balls come in a set of six and are made from pet-safe poly felt material, featuring a natural rubber core for extra bounce.

Shop Now: Wild One Tennis Ball, $10 for 6, wildone.com.

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Monkey Business

Mungo and Maud Pull My Leg Monkey Dog Toy
Courtesy of Mungo & Maud

From the London-based designers at Mungo & Maud, this charming plush animal is luxuriously soft with velcro-attached limbs and a hidden squeaky.

Shop Now: Mungo and Maud Pull My Leg Monkey Dog Toy, $37, us.mungoandmaud.com.

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Beautiful Bone

The Foggy Dog Valencia Natural Dog Squeaky Toy
Courtesy of The Foggy Dog

Treat your pup in style with this eco-friendly squeaky toy, handcrafted to be beautiful and durable—it features a pattern of lemons, oranges, and citrus blossoms designed by Rifle Paper Co. and screen-printed in Japan.

Shop Now: The Foggy Dog Valencia Natural Dog Squeaky Toy, $16, thefoggydog.com.

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Miniature Replica

English Hound Schnauzer Dog Toy
Courtesy of English Hound via Etsy

What could be more charming than a toy modeled after your own dog? These knit ones come in all breeds—dachshund, poodle, Italian greyhound, and this Schnauzer.

Shop Now: English Hound Schnauzer Dog Toy, $16.91, etsy.com.

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Roped In

Mystic Knotwork Monkey Fist Rope Dog Toy
Courtesy of Mystic Knotwork

From one of our favorite American makers in Connecticut, these rope-covered tennis balls are ideal for your dog—throw it or tug it, your dog is sure to love it.

Shop Now: Mystic Knotwork Monkey Fist Rope Dog Toy, $20, mysticknotwork.com.

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Lick Croix

Haute Diggity Dog "Barkin' Berry" LickCroix
Courtesy of Haute Diggity Dog

If you love to crack open an ice-cold drink, offer your dog a similar "refreshment" from Haute Diggity Dog's Muttini collection. Choose your flavor: Barkling Water in Pamplemutt or Lickety Lime, or Barkin' Berry.

Shop Now: Haute Diggity Dog "Barkin' Berry" LickCroix, starting from $13, hautediggitydog.com.

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Jax & Bones Daisy the Duck Rope Toy
Courtesy of Jax & Bones

This charming duck is hand-tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. With every purchase of a Good Karma toy such as this one, Jax & Bones will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to rescue and animal welfare groups to help these animals find a forever home.

Shop Now: Jax & Bones Daisy the Duck Rope Toy, $16, jaxandbones.com.

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Hidden Treats

Up Dog Toys "The Odin" Treat Puzzle Toy
Courtesy of Up Dog Toys

This iconic toy is a bestseller for a reason: Tuck in a few treats and its modern, modular design lends itself well to rough-and-tumble play as your dog tries to knock them free.

Shop Now: Up Dog Toys "The Odin", $23, amazon.com.

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Puzzling Game

My Intelligent Pets puzzle game
Courtesy of My Intelligent Pets

Dogs benefit, both mentally and physically, from interactive games—and they offer a creative alternative to good ol' fetch and tug of war. This wooden puzzle will give your dog a workout for both mind and body—and keep you entertained as you watch them play.

Shop Now: My Intelligent Pets "Dog's Flower" Game, $48, myintelligentpets.com.

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A Real Kicker

Tall Tails Natural Leather Boot Tug Toy
Courtesy of Tall Tails

Under normal circumstances, you would dissuade your dog from chewing on shoes. If you have a chewer at home, this toy just might spare your favorite pair. This boot is made with vegetable-tanned leather and reinforced layers of natural wool-felt stitched together with no glue, toxic, or artificial substances.

Shop Now: Tall Tails Natural Leather Boot Tug Toy, $17, talltailsdog.com.

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The Claw

Fable Falcon Toy
Courtesy of Fable Pets

Thanks to its unique claw-shaped design and multiple treat cavities, this toy promotes both interactive or independent quiet play. You can combine multiple toys together to create a whole new challenge, too.

Shop Now: Fable Pets Falcon Toy, $23, fablepets.com.

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Buzzing Bee

Harry Barker Honey Bee Canvas Dog Toy
Courtesy of Harry Barker

Who wouldn't want this bright buzzing toy? Complete with a sturdy canvas front and berber fleece backing, this friendly bee will make all the pups smile. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase: 10% of each sale of this toy is donated to The Honeybee Conservancy. Saving the bees will help save our planet.

Shop Now: Harry Barker Honey Bee Canvas Dog Toy, $14, harrybarker.com.

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