Googly eyes bring everything to life—houseplants, front porches, and deep inside the hearth.
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halloween eyes for fireplace
Credit: Seth Smoot

Jeepers, creepers, get a load of these googly peepers. Our über-animated accents bring nooks and crannies around your home hilariously to life, and come together in the blink of a you-know-what.

To make these wide-eyed Halloween decorations, brush dried gourds or avocado pits (for smaller versions) with craft paint, then prop a pair wherever you want to, well, keep an eye out for mischief. Give your hearth the heebie-jeebies, or create some gawking greenery by attaching them to stakes and nestling them into plants or shrubbery. They'll be on the lookout all night long.

halloween eyes for outdoor planters
Credit: Seth Smoot

How to Make Googly-Eyed Halloween Decorations

First, choose two similarly sized dried gourds or avocado pits. For our projects, we used 9-inch Martin/Kettle Blemished Gourds ($9 each, and 3- to 4-inch Chinese Mini-Bottle Gourds ($3 each, Paint them white all over; let dry completely. Using a pencil and a plate, cup, or other small circular object (like a penny) as a guide, trace a circle on the center of the bottoms of the gourds, or the sides of the pits. If you're using gourds, trace or draw a slightly smaller circle inside the first one.

For avocado pits, paint the circle black. For gourds, paint the outer circle gray and the inner circle black. Let dry completely. For paint, we used FolkArt Home Décor Chalk Paint ($10 each,, which comes in assorted colors. Hot-glue the "eyes" onto bamboo stalks or wooden dowels; let dry completely. Place them around your home in hidden spots and they'll cause unsuspecting visitors to look twice.


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