10 Modern Cat Beds for a Well-Designed Home

cat walking out of cat bed on couch
Courtesy of Sunny Baskets NL

Let's be honest: For as important as it is to provide our favorite felines a comfy place to sleep, most cat beds aren't very fun to look at. "Aesthetically speaking, cat beds should be designed to fit into the modern home," says Damian Hall, senior marketing manager at Catit. "These days, pet parents are looking for cat furniture with a sleek design that looks similar to human furniture and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb."

Along with being stylish, it's essential to find a cat bed that allows your pet to relax enough to fall asleep. "Cats often feel safest when sleeping in an enclosed cubby-like space where they feel both comfortable and safe," Hall explains. "Overall, well-designed cat furniture meets cats' instinctual needs, but does not come at the expense of your personal design aesthetic."

However, with all the contemporary cat beds on the market, separating the superior from the so-so can be tricky. "Cat beds should also be easy to assemble and made from quality materials that are durable and made to stand the test of time," Hall explains. Additionally, Jackson Cunningham, founder of Tuft + Paw, recommends purchasing a cat bed with versatile features, but not too many bells and whistles. "Look for a bed with cushions that can fit in other pieces of furniture, like in a tower or on a cat tree," he says. "Avoid things that cats can choke on, like zippers or strings, and beds that are easily cleanable are a bonus."

Looking for a reliable cat bed that you won't mind showing off in plain sight? Read ahead for ten modern cat beds that your pet will love as much as you do.

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Curve Appeal

Tuft + Paw Beckon Cat Bed on floor
Courtesy of Tuft + Paw

Never underestimate the aesthetic appeal of a curvy, mid-century inspired cat bed. Composed of molded plywood, this sleek cat bed is designed with a soft corner that your cat can nestle into. "The open area allows your cat the freedom to come and go easily, and be as observant of the surroundings as they wish," says Cunningham.

Shop Now: Tuft + Paw Beckon Cat Bed, $199, tuftandpaw.com.

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Double Up

three cats in white Catit Vesper Cabana
Courtesy of Catit

The only thing better than a clean-lined cat bed enclosure is one with a built-in hammock. "The Vesper Cabana has a snug hideout with a soft, padded cushion at the bottom, and a relaxing hammock with a 360-degree view on top," explains Hall. "Plus, the hideout has multiple entrances allowing cats to enter and exit from any side."

Shop Now: Catit Vesper Cabana, $60, usa.catit.com.

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Multifunctional Cat Lounge

aerial view of cat in KATRIS Nest
Courtesy of Katris

Why buy a humdrum cat bed when you can have a modern-looking one that scratches your pet's back, too? This bowl-shaped cat lounge is constructed of over 100 corrugated panels that shift when your cat rubs their back against them—so it feels like they're getting a real back rub.

Shop Now: KATRIS Nest, $49, shop.katriscat.com.

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Cat Cube

cat coming out of Meyou Paris The Cube
Courtesy of Meyou Paris

Looking for a tailor-made cat bed? Successfully launched off of Kickstarter, Meyou Paris designed a line of cat beds with a modernist's style in mind. A soft sphere, both a comfortable cocoon and a scratcher, on a stylish stand mixing wood and metal.

Shop Now: Meyou Paris The Cube, $199, luminaire.com.

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Woolen Wonder

Orange cat in Ombre Cat Cave
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

If your cat likes to snooze in a secure, enclosed space, consider a cave-style bed. Handmade by artisans in Nepal, this super lightweight bed is made from natural felted wool that retains its natural lanolin to condition paws and keep your cat's fur healthy. "Felt is strong enough to keep its shape yet flexible, so your cat can really cuddle up and keep warm," says Cunningham.

Shop Now: Ombre Cat Cave, $70, crateandbarrel.com.

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Cat-Friendly Mattress

long-haired cat lying on The Purple Pet Bed
Courtesy of Purple

If your cat loves to sleep on the bed with you, try gifting them with their very own human-grade mattress. Made of high-end memory foam and an odor (and accident) resistant cover, this posh mattress provides your pet with the same comfort and support as a full-size bed, and may allow you to reclaim your own bed and mattress again.

Shop Now: The Purple Pet Bed, $149, purple.com.

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Lined Lounge

cat sleeping in MiaCara Anello Cat Basket
Courtesy of MiaCara

Minimalist design enthusiasts rejoice! We have found the cat bed for you. This sleek circular basket features a clean-lined natural wood frame and machine-washable faux fur cushion that even the pickiest of cat parents won't mind showing off in plain sight.

Shop Now: MiaCara Anello Cat Basket, in Ash/Ivory, $199, landofmeow.com.

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Crocheted Basket

cat in yellow crocheted cat bed
Courtesy of Sunny Baskets NL

This rounded nest of a bed is perfect your cat to curl up and snuggle in. Made in Holland, the raised sides help with comfort and a sense of security, and the recycled oeko-tex cotton provides just the right sturdiness. Each one comes in a decidedly modern hue—mustard yellow, blush pink, or terracotta.

Shop Now: Sunny Baskets Chunky Crocheted Cat Basket, starting from $73.89, etsy.com.

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Cat Couture

cat resting in moccasin shoe cat bed
Courtesy of Napping Jojo

Recognizing that cats love to nap in all sorts of odd places, designer Leeling Ho humorously indulged her pet cat Jojo's shoe-obsession with her signature product—the Moccasin Pet Bed. It's designed as an oversized slipper to curl up in, made of soft sherpa fleece and faux suede.

Shop Now: Napping Jojo Sherpa Moccasin Shoe Cat Bed, in Mocha, $92, nappingjojo.com.

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Room for Two

two cats and the Hunting Pony Natural Wicker Cat Bed
Courtesy of Hunting Pony

If your cat is more comfortable sleeping off the ground, consider a chic, pedestal-style bed. Composed of handwoven wicker, this cube-shaped den is upright on a set of wooden peg legs, and comes with a leather toy tassel on the interior and a linen pillow to boot—perfect for those with more than one feline at home.

Shop Now: Hunting Pony Natural Wicker Cat Bed, $295, etsy.com.

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