Looking for a Fun Trunk or Treat Idea for Halloween? Recreate Our Colorful 1960s-Inspired Theme

Delight the neighborhood kids and decorate your car with a "peace of candy" theme—plus a few other creative ideas to try.

Yellow vintage care with trunk open for halloween
Photo: Ashley Poskin

Halloween brings great seasonal fun—family-friendly activities and games, spooky and silly décor, imaginative costumes, and of course, trick-or-treating for candy. In recent years, however, another tradition has been gaining popularity: the "trunk or treat," which is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of walking from house to house, communities congregate in a parking lot or open field where kids can walk around from car to car to grab candy or non-candy treats from open trunks. This way, kids can enjoy Halloween without having to traverse unmanageable distances or cross busy streets. It's also a great opportunity to have fun decorating your car—a tradition we wholeheartedly support.

Choose a Theme

As part of this tradition, families choose a theme for their car and decorate the trunk accordingly. And there is really no limit when it comes to themes: Traditional motifs with black and orange colors, swashbuckling pirates with chests of treasure, silly monsters­—everything goes.

History is always a wonderful place to draw inspiration, and our kids have been immersed in learning about political activism and the hippie movement of the 1960s, so we thought a "Peace of Candy" theme would be fun.


Pictured above, this dreamy balloon garland made with various sizes of balloons and balloon tape adds huge visual interest and really adds to the décor. Oversized paper daisies and takeaway bouquets add to the vibe, and a row of little flower pots are each filled to the brim with candy as easy grab-and-go treats.

How to Plan a Trunk-or-Treat

To arrange your own trunk-or-treat gathering, get in contact with your family and friends and set a date, time, and place to hold the celebration. A parking lot is ideal but a large yard or field works well, too. Discuss any themes you want to avoid and safety practices, including any allergies or dietary needs of the children who are attending the event.

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