Six Virtual Escape Rooms That'll Keep Everyone Entertained on Halloween

From spellbound games to bank heists and more, these online adventures are as thrilling and challenging as the real thing.

It's the season for doing exhilarating things, and few games are more fun than visiting an escape room. Filled with hidden clues and challenging puzzles, escape rooms are an adventurous way to practice your problem-solving skills and let off some steam. And if you and your friends or family can't visit an escape room in-person this Halloween, virtual reality is the next best thing. "Virtual escape rooms are live online escape room experiences," explains Teddy Cheek of The Escape Game. "Teams communicate with each other using Zoom or a similar video conferencing platform, and players explore the room that's either being streamed via a live camera feed from the physical environment or by searching 360 images."

Interested in taking a virtual trip through an escape room this season? From prison break-inspired games to bank heists and more, read ahead for six of our favorites.

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The Escape Game's Remote Adventures

Launched this year to give families, friends, and work teams the ability to connect and play games while sheltering in place, The Escape Game's Remote Adventures offers four different virtual escape rooms. Groups of three to eight can sign up for the hour-long hosted games, including a prison break-inspired escape room and a jungle-themed one, for $28 per person. "Our games have custom Zoom backgrounds, sound effects, 360 scans of all rooms and several other surprises with more upgrades on the road map," Cheek says.

Mystery Escape Room's Online Room

If you're searching for a kid-friendly virtual escape room that the whole family can enjoy, look no further than Mystery Escape Room's Online Rooms. In addition to a Nancy Drew-inspired game and a superhero-themed one, the site offers a Sherlock Holmes-style virtual escape room designed specifically for beginners that groups of four to eight people can join for $75 an event.

The Grimm Escape by Puzzle Break

If you're looking for a spookier virtual escape room to visit this Halloween, consider The Grimm Escape by Puzzle Break. Designed for groups of four to six and recommended for ages 12 and up, this online escape adventure is set inside a dark, scary forest and gives you an hour to break an evil witch's spell. Book tickets ahead of time for $30 a person so you can plan your next online group adventure.

Murfreesboro Escape Rooms

Variety is the spice of life, and no virtual escape room offers more options than Murfreesboro Escape Rooms. For just $30 a group you can access 12 different online escape-style games, each offering a unique amount of time, difficulty, and puzzles, ranging from locked treasure chests to scary virtual escape rooms.

Expedition Escape's Bank Heist

If you live in the tri-state area or close by, we found a fun—and free—online escape room for you to enjoy. When COVID-19 shut down the popular Expedition Escape attraction in Philadelphia, the team turned it into an exhilarating bank heist style virtual experience that users can join for free. Just remember that you have to live within 150 miles of their Philly headquarters to play, so this one is reserved for New Yorkers and other thrill-seeking east coasters.

The Hogwart's Digital Escape Room

Harry Potter fans rejoice: We found the virtual escape room for you. Inspired by J.K. Rowling's magical world of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Hogwart's Digital Escape Room was created by the Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania and can be completed as a group or individually—and is totally free to use.

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