The 15 Best Food Storage Containers That Make Organizing Your Pantry Easy

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Are you always looking for new ways to make maintaining a clean and organized kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator easier? It all starts with investing in and using the right food storage containers. Whether you're trying to figure out where to stash leftovers from last night's one-pan pasta or you want to decant your baking essentials, food storage containers make organizing easy. But with so many different options available, figuring out which ones to buy can feel overwhelming. To make the process of getting your entire kitchen in order a little simpler, we've rounded up some of the best food storage containers for you to choose from.

If you're an avid baker, storing your flour, sugar, and other ingredients in air-tight containers not only allows for a cleaner workspace—few things are more aggravating than discovering spilled flour—but it also helps keep them fresher, longer. We're sharing canisters that help prevent pests from infiltrating your supplies while also making it easy to see how much you have left of a specific ingredient at a glance. If you're looking for a decorative canister to display on your countertops, you'll be pleased to know that we have picks for you, too. Gone are the days of retailers only offering ho-hum, utilitarian options. Now, food storage containers can be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

If you're on the hunt for food storage containers that will make your life easier and more efficient, we've got you covered, too. Case in point? We found one set that comes with a dry-erase marker to note the contents and expiration dates of what's inside. And you'll notice that a number of the containers ahead are made from tempered glass, which means they're oven-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe, so tackling food prep, cleaning, and storage has never been easier.

Explore some of the best storage containers available in the slides ahead, then look forward to a more streamlined kitchen.

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Best Airtight: Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids

Rubbermaid "Brilliance" Pantry Organization and Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids
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This 20-piece set of sealed containers keeps everything from dried pasta to cereal protected from pests and moisture. Each airtight container is made with thick, BPA-free plastic that is freezer safe and top-rack dishwasher safe. Their translucent design ensures 360-degree visibility, so you can easily gauge what's inside. The containers are also topped with snap-on, stackable lids for compact storage.

Shop Now: Rubbermaid Brilliance 20-Piece Food Storage Container Set with Airtight Lids, $60,

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Best for Baking: Martha Stewart Collection Six-Piece Bakery Set

Martha Stewart Collection Six-Piece Bakery Set
Courtesy of Macy's

Protect your baking essentials and help them stay fresh with this stackable six-piece set, which is made from clear plastic and features dedicated containers for flour, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and more. Bakers will find the additional sifter tool and brown sugar keeper especially helpful, as they keep ingredients fresh and free of clumps.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection Six-Piece Bakery Set, from $74,

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Most Sleek: Orez Tall Enamel Food Container

Orez Tall Enamel Food Container
Courtesy of Verishop

Ideal for leftovers and meal prep, this stylish, eco-friendly enamel food storage container is just the thing to add to your collection. The five inches by five inches container uses multi-layered enameled porcelain and Acacia wood to achieve its modern aesthetic; plus, it's oven- and dishwasher-safe. The brand also makes a smaller version, which measures six inches in length, four inches in height, and two and a half inches in depth, for narrow shelves or drawers.

Shop Now: Orez Tall Enamel Food Container, from $54,

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Best for Stacking: Le Creuset Storage Container

food storage containers
Courtesy of Le Creuset

The classic stoneware lid on this container allows for easy stacking and optimal storage. Available in three sizes (23 ounces, 1.5 quarts, and 2.5 quarts), this pick has a tight-sealing wooden lid to keep its contents fresh and safe from pests. The exterior is crack-resistant and glazed in Le Creuset's signature hues, adding a pop of color to your pantry.

Shop Now: Le Creuset Storage Container, from $42,

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Most Decorative: Sur La Table Nova Deruta Canister

Sur La Table "Nova Deruta" Canister
Courtesy of Sur La Table

Need a vessel to store your coffee or sugar that's pretty enough to sit on your kitchen counter? With its handcrafted Italian-inspired motif, this decorative option is functional and beautiful. It measures 11.2 inches in diameter and 6.7 inches in height, and it's dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Complete your tablescape by pairing this vibrant canister with the matching Nova Deruta Compote and Dinnerware Set.

Shop Now: Sur La Table Nova Deruta Canister, $150,

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Best for Organizing: Sur La Table 8-Piece Glass Storage Container Set with Pen

Sur La Table Eight-Piece Glass Storage Container Set with Pen
Courtesy of Sur La Table

This set takes the guesswork out of organizing your pantry. Complete with measurements on the side and an erasable pen for keeping track of everything from contents to expiration dates, these multi-functional containers will serve you well for years to come. Each container is made of dual-tempered glass and matched with a tight-locking, silicone gasket lid, so it's durable against thermal shock and safe in the oven, freezer, and dishwasher. When they're not in use, the eight-piece set can be stacked within one another for easy storage.

Shop Now: Sur La Table Eight-Piece Glass Storage Container Set with Pen, from $20,

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Best Microwavable: Mepal Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls

Mepal Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls
Courtesy of Food52

Ideal for storing leftovers, these microwave-safe bowls are thoughtfully designed for easy reheating and stylish enough for serving. In fact, they make excellent lunch containers as well. Their airtight lids keep food fresh and your fridge free of leaks. Another plus? Their nesting capabilities make for easy organizing when not in use.

Shop Now: Mepal Microwavable Four-Piece Nested Storage Bowl Set, $74,

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Best for Liquids: Weck Mold Jars

Weck Mold Jars
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

These strongly-sealed jars are great for stashing liquids like oils, jams, and pickled creations. The 28.7-ounce glass containers have a vintage feel and are easy to fill thanks to their tapered shape and their rubber-lined lids have an airtight lock for optimal preservation. They're also sleekly designed so you can stack them on top of each other, freeing up precious space in your pantry.

Shop Now: Weck Six-Piece Jar Set, $40,

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Best for Simple Storage: Greener Chef Glass Food Storage Containers

food storage containers
Courtesy of Amazon

Use these sleek glass storage containers to hold everything from dried nuts to grains. The four-piece set features containers of various sizes, each made with heavy-duty glass and matched with an airtight-sealing wooden lid. Their sleek design eliminates bulk from your pantry, and they can be stacked to adhere to your shelving.

Shop Now: Greener Chef Four-Piece Glass Food Storage Container Set, from $36,

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Best Minimalist: Urban Green Glass Storage Jars

food storage containers
Courtesy of Amazon

You can store everything from dried pasta to flour in these canisters with a simple, modern design. They're sleek enough to display on your kitchen counters but functional enough to streamline the organization in your whole pantry. Airtight bamboo lids keep the contents of each jar fresh, dry, and safe from pests.

Shop Now: Urban Green Six-Piece Glass Storage Jar Set, from $40,

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Best Neutral Design: Textured Kitchen Canister Set

food storage containers
Courtesy of West Elm

Geometric textured designs make this assorted storage container set more unique than other iterations on the market. They'll suit any natural-themed decor with their earthy wooden lids, leather pull tabs, and neutral color palette. But they don't just look good: Their airtight lids keep anything from uncooked rice to sugar fresh.

Shop Now: West Elm Four-Piece Textured Kitchen Canister Set, from $112,

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Best Geometric Design: Crate & Barrel Ethan Medium White Canister

Crate & Barrel "Ethan" Medium White Canister
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

This textured canister is an affordable, sleek storage option for foods like flour and coffee. Its dark wooden lid adds striking contrast while providing a tight seal with its silicone gaskets. (Note: The canister is hand-wash only.) The geometric jar has a 44-ounce capacity and comes in a set, which includes a small taupe container and a larger version in black, or sold separately.

Shop Now: Crate & Barrel Ethan Medium White Canister, $23,

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Best Metallic: Martha Stewart Collection Hammered Stainless Steel Canisters

food storage containers
Courtesy of Macy's

The combination of brass handles and stainless steel canisters makes for easy and decorative food storage, perfect for a more contemporary kitchen. The lids create an air-tight seal with their silicone gaskets. Both canisters are dishwasher safe and sized to sufficiently house your go-to cooking and baking ingredients.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection Two-Piece Hammered Stainless Steel Canister Set, from $41,

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Best To-Go Container: Bentgo Prep 2-Compartment Containers

food storage containers
Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're packing a picnic or a lunch for the day ahead, a bento box is a smart way to store food. This set features 10 identical meal-prep containers, which can be used to transport your lunch or save leftovers, each with two pre-portioned compartments for optimal organization and storage. Choose between three stylish colors: blush pink, burgundy, and rose gold.

Shop Now: Bentgo Prep 10-Piece Two-Compartment Container Set, from $12,

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Best Glass: Martha Stewart Collection Four-Piece Canister Set

Martha Stewart Collection Four-Piece Canister Set
Courtesy of Macy's

With their tight-sealing lids, these affordable glass jars are a great choice for food storage. Plus, the clear canister makes it easy to see what you need to stock up on during your next grocery store run. The set of four offers 0.5-liter, 0.75-liter, 1-liter, and 1.5-liter capacities, and the glass bases are all dishwasher safe.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection Four-Piece Canister Set, from $25,

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