A new documentary notes that their relationship began when they were just teenagers.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth's reign is the longest in royal history. Since helming the throne for nearly seven decades, the monarch's life has very much been in the public eye. But according to InStyle, there is one part of the Queen's life that has been kept under wraps—the early stages of her relationship with Prince Philip. In a new National Geographic documentary clip, sources reveal it was actually love at first sight when the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh met as teenagers.

In the Being the Queen documentary—set to debut on August 31 at 8 p.m. central time—director Tom Jennings detailed the Queen's private life and her reality living in the spotlight. One exclusive clip featured Prince Philip's cousin, Lady Pamela Hicks, who shared how the Duke of Edinburgh met his future wife, Queen Elizabeth. The royal said that her father saw the moment unfold when King George VI and the Queen Mother took a young Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret to Dartmouth in 1939.

Queen Elizabeth was actually just 13-years-old and a princess when she met Prince Philip. The prince was an 18-year-old cadet who Lady Pamela said was "this absolute Greek god." Years down the road, the future Queen truly fell for her husband-to-be, People previously reported. "She fell in love at age 18 and she never looked at anyone else," biographer Sally Bedell Smith said. Suzanne Mackie, executive producer of Netflix series The Crown, added, "One of Elizabeth's greatest achievements is being allowed to marry the love of her life."

The documentary also explained their bumpy road to marriage. Robert Lacey, a royal historian, noted that Queen Elizabeth's parents had "great anxiety" over the idea of their daughter tying the knot—noting that they weren't exactly on board for her to "marry the very first man she falls in love with." While her parents believed that whoever she would marry would have to "shoulder almost half the burden of the monarchy," her choice to wed Prince Philip was ultimately the right decision, resulting in a long-lasting relationship and over 70 years of marriage.


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