Traditional etiquette dictates that the maid of honor—not the mother of the bride—should host the shower.
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Some etiquette rules were meant to fade away into oblivion, like the one about family members of the bride not hosting her bridal shower. That's right: Every shower you've attended that was hosted by the mother of the bride actually broke with traditional etiquette—who knew? The concern with having a familial host was that, since the party is all about people bringing, or "showering," the bride with gifts, it was considered tacky for her family to be asking for presents.

In modern times, however, many people other than the maid of honor have taken on the role of bridal party host. And we're here to tell you there's nothing tacky about loved ones hosting a shower. Anyone who's close to the bride, including her mother, sister, aunt, cousin, even her grandma, can host. Here, we explore the choices.


For years, while the maid of honor and maybe even the bridesmaids were acting as hosts and getting all the glory, the mothers of the bride were, in fact, the shower's silent partner—banker, really—and were responsible for making all of the party arrangements and paying most, if not all, of the bills. Let her step into the spotlight she deserves. Now, many mothers of the bride plan their daughter's shower and list themselves as the host on the invitations.


She's most likely the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, so she fits right in as part of the group that most often hosts a bridal shower. Plus, having the bride's sister host means she'll be able to manage the bulk of the guest list on her own—she already know which family members should be involved.


Everyone's got a favorite aunt, and the bride's happens to be more than thrilled to be hosting her niece's bridal shower. Expect a few extended family members to be added to the guest list, though.


Many brides are so close to a cousin that they consider her more like a sister. If she finds out that the bridesmaids can't handle planning a bridal shower, either financially or because of other commitments, she's the one to come to the rescue and prepare for hosting duties.


She may have to be talked into the hosting role—she's only familiar with the no-relative rule—but once she's been convinced no one will be outraged, she'll be happy to create a memorable shower for her beloved granddaughter.


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