The couple hinted at their third baby on the way in the singer's "Wild" music video.

By Nashia Baker
August 19, 2020
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on the red carpet.
Credit: Getty Images

As Chrissy Teigen and John Legend approach their seven-year anniversary, they have much to celebrate—notably another baby on the way. While the couple is overjoyed about their pregnancy news, it was, however, a major surprise. According to one of People's sources, Chrissy "was pretty shocked when she found out that she is pregnant." The insider went on to share that it "was the happiest news, though." The model "cried many happy tears and was very emotional," they added.

While on the Today Show, the duo spoke more openly about the announcement (they initially hinted that they were expecting in John's "Wild" music video). The singer noted that "it was a surprise. A little quarantine surprise, I guess you could say," adding that he is thankful for all of the support from loved ones and fans alike. "But we're very excited, and we're grateful for all the well-wishes we've gotten from people all around the world," he shared.

Chrissy revealed on Twitter that she is excited for their new addition to join big siblings Luna and Miles—her children, however, are not fully on board. "Luna is very, very excited," she tweeted. "Miles, not so much. Jealous!"

The cookbook author is feeling some trepidation herself, since she and John are on a completely new path—one that differs greatly from the paths towards their first two children, who were conceived via IVF. While welcoming Luna and Miles was a challenge, the model noted that IVF was the most worthwhile experience. "Part of me misses the safety of my perfect embryos, created in their little dish. They felt untouchable and safe," Chrissy said on the talk show. "IVF was an amazing choice for us to be able to make. So hard, but we got two beautiful monsters out of it."


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