Increase your home desk's aesthetics, reduce eye strain, and clear clutter with these simple additions (two of which you can execute yourself!).

By Lisa Butterworth
August 20, 2020
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diy desk blotters for office space
Credit: Pippa Drummond

Culling the ultimate home desk can feel like a major feat, especially if you didn't have a setup in place before the coronavirus pandemic led to a country-wide exodus from the workplace. After months of working from home, you may be feeling less than thrilled about your at-home office's aesthetics—and working on that tiny laptop screen has likely started to impact your vision. To beautify your workspace, ease eye strain, and clear clutter fast, look to the below tips, which should set you on your way back towards productivity in no time.

Create spots for your essentials.

Lily-pad-like desk blotters, like the ones above, turn any work surface into a sea of tranquility. Using fabric scissors, trim pastel green natural cork leather ($6.50 for a 9"-by-12" sheet,—a renewable material that comes in a rainbow of colors—to designate spots for your essentials. Then cut same-size pieces out of sturdier plain cork ($16 for 2'-by-4' sheet, to give each piece a cushy, no-slip base. Glue the corresponding layers together with Scotch Super 77 multipurpose spray adhesive ($14,, and snip the corners into calming curves.

brown Flower by Drew eyeglasses
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Make screen time easier on your eyes.

Technology sure is convenient (Instacart, anyone?), but the short-wave, high-energy blue light our devices emit can mess with our sleep and strain our eyes. Protect yours with blue-light-blocking glasses. Grab an over-the-counter version, like this affordable tortoiseshell pair from Flower by Drew ($20,, or have prescription lenses treated for spectacularly stylish relief.

headphones hanging on hook behind computer
Credit: Lennart Weibull

Collect your (many) cords.

Tame tech with a brilliant solution we spotted on Martha Stewart Living home editor Lorna Aragon's desk: Stick an adhesive hook onto the back of your computer monitor; she used a Command Double Hook in Medium Slate ($3, Then loop your headphones and phone-charging cords over it to keep them out of sight, but effortless to grab.


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