A professional who brings on additional help isn't in over his or her head—in fact, it's quite the opposite.
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Think of your wedding day like a puzzle: There are a ton of moving pieces, problems to solve, and places for your wedding planner to be from the beginning of the day until the very last guests leaves the reception. It would be pretty hard for one single individual to manage every aspect of a ceremony and reception, including the timeline, the other vendors, the couple, and their guests. As such, you'll likely find that the wedding planner you've hired won't be working alone—instead, he or she has assembled a team of staff so that everything you've worked so hard to plan can be executed seamlessly. Here are a few reasons your wedding planner will likely arrive with a crew.

Each Detail Should Have a Logistics Point Person

Each segment of a wedding needs a point person managing it, and while there's sure to be some overlap and planners working double duty, it's important to recognize that your planner will need extra sets of hands throughout the wedding setup and event duration. For instance, you may need someone from the planning team greeting guests, someone else managing shuttles, and another with the bridal party while they're getting ready to walk down the aisle.

A Seamless Event Depends on a Well-Versed Team

Depending on the setup of a wedding and how much detail goes into the logistics side, the number of staff on the wedding planning and design team can vary greatly. "Our weddings typically have at least three planners, but many have up to 10," says wedding planner Lindsay Sims of Toast Events, "One thing we never skimp on is staffing." When you've spent as much time and effort planning a wedding as many couples who work with wedding planners have, it's important to have a solid team to execute that plan and ensure that no one is overstretched.

You'll Need a Bridal Party Liaison

One of the most important roles the wedding planning team plays leading up to the ceremony is a bridal party liaison. Wedding planner Lynn Easton of Easton Events says, "This person assists in keeping the day on schedule for the bridal party, from hair and makeup timing to family photographs, and it's important to have a point person for all of those logistics." This ensures that while the rest of the planning team is running the production schedule and handling troubleshooting, installation of the wedding, arrival of vendors, and more, the bride and her crew are well looked after, both before and throughout the wedding.

Crisis Management Requires a Team

In addition to executing all of the planned details, Sims encourages her clients to always have at least three planners on staff so that there's coverage in the event of an emergency. Early in her career, she had to deal with a guest who was seriously injured just outside the ceremony moments before the ceremony began. This was a case when having more than one professional on hand was essential. Otherwise, the ceremony wouldn't have started on time. She says, "Since then, we have always had at least two planners at the church or ceremony site in the event of an emergency." Being appropriately staffed helps your planning team get through emergencies in a way that's calm and collected.


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