You can easily recreate this sweet gingham drape at home.
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kitchen sink with decorative diy sink skirt
Credit: Lennart Weibull

When we think of skirts in the context of our homes, our thoughts automatically turn to beds. Adding a layer of cotton underneath the box spring does wonders for the sliver of space below—it turns barren, underutilized square footage into a hidden storage opportunity, perfect for storing slim boxes of winter clothes or special occasion-only shoes. But this isn't the only place where a skirt comes in handy.

In fact, you can add a skirt to just about any open storage space—even in a room as highly trafficked as your kitchen. While you can place your drape wherever you'd like (stretched over your sunken fridge, for example, disguising the pots and pans or snacks you keep there), we'd like to focus on the space beneath your sink. For a chic kitchen update, behold this simple sink skirt that offers both style and easy access to all things below.

Best of all, this sweet skirt wasn't purchased—you can easily recreate the project at home, using any fabric that speaks to your interior aesthetic (though we're partial to P/Kaufmann's gingham Check Please iteration ($31 per yard, As for how it's done? First, you'll need to reconfigure the area by removing the cabinet doors.

Then it's time to turn to your textiles: Cut the fabric to fit the opening, adding two inches to the height and one to the width. Hem it all the way around, and stick one-inch thick Velcro tape ($10.48 for six-foot roll, to the fabric and the underside of the cabinet top. Connect the strips and voilà—we predict rave reviews.


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