Swap out hardware, install floating shelves, or add storage—all according to interior designers.

Your laundry room is teeming with design potential—it just takes the right upgrade. "The laundry room is a utilitarian space with specific functions, but it can also be fun and beautiful," says interior designer Michelle Lisac. "Simple additions—such as stylish tile, lighting, rugs, and art—can instantly make the space more inviting."

modern upgraded laundry room with ironing board
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Along with energizing an otherwise drab room, certain upgrades can help streamline the space, too. "Whether it's placed over the washer and dryer or tucked on an adjacent wall, installing a within-reach shelf is essential for detergent, dryer sheets, and clothespins," says interior designer Maggie Griffin. "Laundry can be daunting, so an efficiently designed space that has room for laundry baskets, folding, and hanging delicate items will make the chore much easier."

Curious about what other kinds of easy and economical DIY projects can spruce up a laundry room in no time? We asked a handful of interior designers to share their most genius ideas.

Carve out extra storage space.

When installing new cabinets isn't an option, Rachel Cannon of Rachel Cannon Limited Interiors says integrating wall-mounted shelving and storage bins is the next best thing. "Find some inexpensive shelves and buy coordinating baskets for organization," she says. "Functionality is key in a laundry room, and this will ensure there's plenty of storage space within arms' reach."

Add wallpaper.

A little wallpaper can go a long way in a petite laundry room and, fortunately, Gail Davis says it's a project that's novice-friendly. "Although I prefer to use professionals for everything, the handiest among us can easily apply an exciting graphic wallpaper," she explains. "Laundry rooms are usually rather small, so the amount of material and effort is a perfect fit for seasoned DIYers." If you're not comfortable installing traditional wallpaper or don't want to take on the financial burden of that type of project, Cannon suggests picking up a beautifully patterned peel-and-stick style instead.

Switch out old hardware.

Searching for an affordable way to elevate your entire laundry room in minutes? Cannon suggests swapping out all the old hardware—think cabinet knobs and drawer pulls—with more sophisticated styles. "Cabinets are usually installed with basic, somewhat boring-looking hardware," she explains. "There are many wonderful and affordable options available that go beyond the solid stainless-steel look."

Apply paint.

According to Lisac, paint is a quick and easy way to refresh a laundry room while incorporating some color into the space. "If you just want to experiment with a small dose of color, considering painting a single wall, or even the inside of the laundry room door," she says. "It's a great place to play with a color that you really like but might feel is too bold for another part of the house."

Hang artwork.

When all else fails, Davis says you can always count on sentimental artwork to liven up a drab laundry room with minimal effort and expense. "If you are looking for a home to display your children's overflowing of drawings, head to your local craft store, grab some matching frames and hang a gallery wall inside the laundry room filled with your family's artwork."


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