The 10 Best Grooming Brushes for Dogs Based on Their Hair Type

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Make no mistake about it: The right brush can make grooming your dog a breeze. "Different brushes are designed for different types of dog hair," explains Ani Corless, founder of Luxury Groomer. "Using the wrong brush will be at least ineffective and, at worse, cause damage to the hair or even to the dog." However, with all the different dog brushes on the market, knowing which one to use on your pooch can be tricky. "The idea that buying the most expensive brush will make your dog look the best is incorrect," Nancy Chinchar, owner of Downtown Doghouse says. "Really, you need the correct tools for your dog's distinct coat type and to use them as often as needed."

So, how do you determine which is the correct brush for your pet? "Much like human hair, certain tools are necessary for specific hair types," Chinchar explains. "It's not really about the length of their hair, it's about the type of hair they have—curly coated dogs have different needs than ones with smooth coats." Additionally, Chinchar says how you brush your dog is every bit as important as the tool you're using. "If the dog isn't being brushed properly—from the skin outward in sections over the entire body—the areas that are incorrectly brushed are more likely to matt up," she says. "If you're only brushing the dog's back, and not the legs and chest, you're doing it wrong."

Curious about what brushes professional groomers say work best for various coat types? We asked Corless and Chinchar to share their favorites, and here's what they had to say.

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Low-Shedding, Short-Haired Coat

Happy Hund Dog Massaging & Deshedding Brush
Courtesy of Happy Hund

For short, smooth dog coats, like the ones on labs and French bulldogs, Chinchar suggests a reliable rubber curry brush. "These are great for low shedders," she explains. "The best way to use them in the bath; soap up your dog and rub him in a circular pattern to remove the loose hair."

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Shiny, Short-Haired Coats

Mars Coat King Professional Boar Bristle Grooming Brush
Courtesy of Mars Coat King

According to Corless, a nice, gentle boar bristle brush will work wonders for giving a short-haired dog a shinier coat. Designed with soft bristles to stimulate hair and skin follicles, this brush helps distribute natural oils throughout your dog's coat.

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Comb for Hair That's Over an Inch Long

Utsumi Eco #3 Comb in Gold
Courtesy of Utsumi

If you don't have a quality comb on hand while brushing your dog, Corless says you're doing yourself a disservice. "Without checking your work with a comb, you'll never know if your brushing was truly successful on any breed with hair over and inch," she explains. "The comb must reach all the way to the skin and have no resistance."

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Packed Terrier Coat

Chris Christensen Terrier Palm Pad
Courtesy of Chris Christensen

If you have a short-haired dog with a tightly packed coat, such as a terrier, then Corless recommends investing in a palm pad. Designed with a flexible rubber back and an ergonomic oval shape, this hand-sized brush is great for short, dense coat types.

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Shedding, Medium-Haired Coat

Mars Coat King Dematting Undercoat Stripper Tool
Courtesy of Mars Coat King

Corless says a good rake brush can go a long way when grooming a dog with a medium or long coat that sheds. "Rakes are great for shedding," she explains. "They can pull put larger clumps of hair but remain gentle."

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Medium- to Long-Haired Coats

Millers Forge Unbreakable Pet Slicker Brush
Courtesy of Millers Forge

For dogs with medium or long coats that tend to tangle, Corless recommends a slicker brush. "They come in varying sizes and length of pins, so make sure to find one that is appropriate for your pet," she says.

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Slicker Brush for Double Coat

Master Grooming Tools Universal Pet Small Slicker Brush
Courtesy of Master Grooming Tools

Chinchar says that dogs with double coats, like huskies, chows, and poms, require a good slicker brush for adequate grooming. This bestselling brush is made with delicate metal bristles that can remove everything from loose hair to matted tangles in a pinch.

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Greyhound Comb for Drop Coat

Safari Greyhound Style Comb in Medium Fine
Courtesy of Safari

If your dog has a drop coat, like a Yorkie, Havanese, or Maltese, Chinchar says you'll need a greyhound comb to prevent and remove matts from their hair. "I've been using this affordable comb for over 15 years," she says. "Use the wide teeth on thicker coats. If you can get through the coat, you'll know you've brushed your dog well."

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Slicker Brush for Curly Hair

Wahl Small Slicker Brush
Courtesy of Wahl Home Products

Since curly hair tends to matt more quickly, Chinchar recommends using a slicker brush to take care dog of a dog with a coiled coat, like doodles, poodles, and Bichons. "Dogs with curly coats must have a slicker brush and a greyhound comb to really take care of their coat properly and prevent matts. The bent tines of the slicker brush remove matts and the comb makes sure you've gotten them out and prevents them from forming in the future."

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Pin Brush for Longer Coats

Oakwood Daily Care Pin and Bristle Brush
Courtesy of Oakwood Products

For dog breeds with longer coats, Corless says a pin brush with a flexible bristle pad is ideal. "Remember the brush should always do the work. Brushing should not be painful for your dog. Take your time and let the design of the brush gently do its job."

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