Closets don't have to be used for storage alone. From mini offices to meditation rooms, interior designers share how they like to turn an underutilized closet into a truly usable space.
Credit: Lucas Allen

Your closet is teeming with multi-use potential, it just takes a little inspiration. "A closet can absolutely be converted into a multifunctional space," says interior designer Erika Ward. "Anyone looking to better utilize their home's square footage should give a spare closet a second look." So, what kinds of things can be done to a closet to make it a better use of space? "An underutilized closet offers opportunity for professional growth as a workspace, an entertainment hub with a drink cart and shelf storage for games and snacks, or even as a meditation room to set the tone for your morning or to wind down at night," Ward says.

Looking for ideas about how to convert your underused closet into a more functional space? We asked interior designers to share their suggestions and here's what they had to say.

Little Laundry Room

No proper laundry room at home? Lori Paranjape of Mrs. Paranjape Design + Interiors recommends converting a closet into one with a stackable washer and dryer set. "The machines are smaller than traditional ones, and can be great for mini-loads and workout clothes," she says. "It also can work as a hamper for your more often used and washed clothing, so it's always ready to go!"

Personal Yoga Studio

If you're lucky enough to have an underutilized walk-in closet at home, Carneil Griffin of Griffin Direction Interiors suggests turning it into a personal yoga studio. "Remove any shelves and rods you aren't using, and lay down a thick, high-pile rug for added padding," he says. "Incorporate soothing design elements, such as dark painted walls and aromatherapy diffusers, to make the space feel extra zen."

Pint-Sized Bar

According to Marcus Mohon, you can transform a closet into a minibar by simply removing the shelves and adding a chest, cabinet, or bar cart to store your bottles and barware. "Install a lounge-inspired pendant light to set the mood without taking up floor space, and consider swapping out your standard closet door for sliding barn doors to create a distinctive point of access," he says.

Work-from-Home Office

With the right décor items, Melissa Warner Rothblum of Massucco Warner says that a roomy closet can easily double as a chic office. "Just add a small desk, chair, and voila," she says. "If you're feeling extra ambitious, you can integrate a few wall-mounted shelves for extra storage, or hang artwork to personalize the space."

Meditation Room

As long as your closet has a door and provides enough room to sit, Lauren Wills of Wills Design Associates says it can be converted into a mini meditation room. "I'm currently transforming a client's unused guest room closet into a meditation room. We're removing the lower shelves and the hanging bars to make room for a small lounge chair and having a mural painted on the wall to liven things up," she explains. "What was once an unused space will now be a haven of peace and quiet."

Vanity Room

Rothblum says that much like a mini home office, a compact desk or drop-leaf table can turn a closet into a vanity room in to time. "Add a mirror or two to the wall so you can use the desk as a makeup vanity," she says. For lighting, consider a pair of wall-mounted sconces or a mirror with built-in lighting to take advantage of vertical space.


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