Like your skin, your nails experience changes as the years pass. Here's how to meet them, head on.
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Nails, like skin, change as you age. For some people, this means that they become thicker and more rigid. For others, it means brittle, paper-thin nails that crack and snag like never before. Since navigating either situation can be tedious, we chatted with Olive & June CEO and founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, about how to achieve healthy, happy nails as the years pass.

Know that cell turnover impacts your nails, too.

You've likely heard about cell turnover in association with skin changes. As it turns out, it impacts nails, too. Gibson Tuttle says that when cell turnover slows down, nails can become too thick, growing at a snail's pace (at best). And, despite an increase in thickness, due to their rigid nature, nails can also break more easily.

Establish a routine.

Fortunately for us, there are ways to care for your nails as you age to ensure they look and feel their best. "The key is to establish a nail routine," Gibson Tuttle says, noting that weekly manicures (even ones that you do at home) will keep your nails and cuticles in good condition. "Gently pushing back your cuticles and adding a daily dose of Cuticle Serum ($30, will keep those cuticles healthy, which promotes nail growth," she adds.

Pay attention to your cuticles.

"Your cuticles are the gatekeepers to nail health and strength," Gibson Tuttle continues. "Unhealthy cuticles can actually cause nails to stop growing. So, applying cuticle hydration daily is a must to nourish the cuticles and skin around your nails and to encourage nail growth."

Take supplements.

In addition to applying topicals, Gibson Tuttle says that taking supplements can help with nail growth and preservation over time. "As an added layer of support, we recommend supplements with ingredients such as horsetail herb," she says, pointing out that the ingredient promotes healthy nail growth. "We have horsetail herb in our Beauty Tea ($38,, which is delicious! A win-win!" And, at any age, remember: Never pick or bite your nails. "It causes additional and unnecessary micro-trauma," Gibson Tuttle warns.


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