The former president and first lady also talked about life in quarantine in the new Michelle Obama Podcast.

By Nashia Baker
July 30, 2020

Since completing their tenure in the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama have kept busy with plenty of new initiatives—including a new podcast from the former first lady. For her inaugural episode of the series, fittingly titled the Michelle Obama Podcast, Barack joined to speak on the state of the world and also their relationship. According to E! News, Michelle first fell for her future husband because of his passion for community. "One of the reasons I fell in love with you is because you are guided by the principle that we are each other's brothers' and sisters' keepers. And that's how I was raised," she said.

She continued by sharing that her own upbringing helped tie them together: "I can say that my family, my neighborhood, my notions of community growing up shaped that view, and shaped the choices that I made in life as I felt your experiences shape yours." Barack jokingly thought she fell for him for another reason, though. "It wasn't just my looks. But that's okay," he responded.

According to InStyle, the two also told listeners that they have been quarantining together—the former president telling his wife, "You don't seem too happy about that, the way she said it, right?" he shared with a laugh. "It's just a fact," Michelle jokingly replied. "There wasn't a judgment. We've been together."

They both agreed that time together in quarantine has been constructive—mainly because of the opportunity to have in-depth talks about the world's climate. "The good news is, that when you look at all these young people who've been out there protesting in the wake of the George Floyd murder, that's their instinct," the former president said. Michelle later added: "I know a lot of you are hurting out there right now and are confused and that's okay. But as I've seen, as Barack has seen, we can take that anger, that disappointment and turn it into something useful. Perhaps, even something hopeful."


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