Are those wedding bells we hear?
bachelorette finale

Former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher is finally talking marriage with fiancé Jordan Rodgers, and the latest update sounds promising! The couple (who just celebrated the one year anniversary of the night they met on the reality television show!) is as in love as ever-and now that their romance is officially off screen, they're taking things at their own pace.

"Everyone wants to know!" JoJo said in an interview with People. "I think when we first got engaged, we were so excited and we were like: 'We're going to get married next year!' We were so hyped up, and now that we've settled we're like: 'This isn't something to rush into.'" Can we just say we love the reality star's matter of fact approach to engaged life?

"We're really enjoying our time together," she shared. "We met one year ago! We're still getting to know each other. I'm enjoying being a fiancée and having him still court me for a while." Plus, it sounds like Fletcher still has some decisions to make about what kind of wedding she wants. "I think that I go back and forth with a ton of different styles," she added. "Right now, I'm kind of into that rustic, woodsy, nature thing. But I also see photos of these really beautiful, sophisticated, prim and proper weddings and that's stunning too."

The best part about the whole interview? Finding out that Rodgers is the romantic in their relationship. "It's so funny how this whole thing has evolved," Fletcher said. "When I was on the show, I felt like I was the one-I was really trying to be romantic about a lot of situations. He was then, but he's so much more romantic now!" We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for updates on the couple's big day. And who knows, we may all end up with a front row seat if the pair decides on a televised wedding!


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