Our Favorite Ways to Use Balloons Throughout Your Wedding

bride and groom holding white balloons with Mr and Mrs written
Nikki's Moments

Balloons are an event staple, bringing joy and festivity to any celebration. While they appear most frequently at more informal celebrations (like birthday parties), they're also worth considering for your wedding. Believe us, balloons aren't as casual as you think—you can dress them up for a fun addition to your big day. To help you make balloons a key element in your wedding décor, we've rounded up some of our favorite ideas from real events. Plenty of brides and grooms have embraced balloons, and you certainly can, too.

If you want to utilize balloons as an accent, tie them to signage or use them to mark certain spaces, like the guestbook or gift tables. To make them a major part of your decorations, consider creating a balloon wall or arch. As for the types of balloons available? Spruce up the standard style by filling them with confetti or purchasing them in unique patterns. Oversized, spherical options are also great for ceremonies and receptions, as they appear more formal than their smaller, egg-shaped counterparts. You can decorate their strings, too, for something extra—foliage and tassels both work for that.

Balloons can also replace traditional big-day details—allow your flower girl or ring bearer to carry them down the aisle (instead of a petal basket or ring pillow!)—or even personalize them. Take notes from this couple who held circular "Mr." and Mrs." iterations (a nod to their new titles) from Balloon Boutique to customize their portrait session. With all the creative inspiration ahead, you're bound to find a balloon idea that suits your wedding.

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Ceremony Space

small tree and balloon display high loft ceiling
Lucy Davenport

Use the lofty ceilings in your ceremony space to your advantage by filling it up with balloons and mini trees. The silver, white, and confetti-filled iterations (provided by Bubblegum Balloons) seen at this Aynhoe Park event perfectly complemented the flowering saplings from Paula Rooney and added to the ethereal vibe.

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bride and groom kissing under various sized rainbow-hued balloons
Cynthia Chung Weddings

Guide guests to your venue with the help of a colorful balloon display near the main entrance. This rainbow-hued design by Geronimo also provided a one-of-a-kind photo backdrop.

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Seating Chart

natalie louis wedding balloons seating chart
Birds of a Feather

While we think an acrylic seating chart looks great by itself, you'll want to make sure it's not totally see-through (guests need to be able to find their seats!). That's why The Gingers tapped Balloon Specialities to create this cascading balloon installation that ensured attendees could make out their table assignments.

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Love Balloons

Bride and groom standing under gold L-O-V-E balloons
Christine Skari Photography

Your wedding photos will look great without any props, but these "L-O-V-E" balloons from Balloonzilla would make a fun addition to your big-day portraits.

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Ceremony Arch

bride and groom standing next to wooden triangle ceremony arch covered in balloons
Heart & Colour

If you're throwing a bohemian event with a triangular wooden ceremony arch, like this one by The Perfection Project, add a little texture and color to it with balloons. This reverse ombré structure featured peach and burgundy hues with pops of gold.

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balloon lined outdoor walkway
Mandee Johnson Photography

Integrate balloons into your outdoor venue's décor. Day of Gal added weights to these floating accents and Quality Event Design covered their strings with greenery. The result? Mini balloon "trees" that seamlessly blended into this woodsy location.

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Color Palette

dark red and black wedding balloon decor wedding color scheme
Miks Sels

These details can also emphasize your color palette. Note how these moody maroon and black iterations—provided by Helium—perfectly matched this groom's suit and the event's floral arrangements from Feja Dara.

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Ceremony Sign

Ceremony Program Balloons
Lauren Fair Photography

Draw attention to your ceremony program signage with oversized circle balloons. This wooden sign stood out thanks to the floating accents' yellow, orange, and pink tassels.

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Table Décor

floating table decor balloon accents
Rachael Hall Photography

Here's more proof that balloons looks pretty when paired with any type of big-day décor: An oversized circular balloon defined this bohemian Sweet August Events table, which featured rattan furniture and neutral blooms.

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Blush Balloons

spring ideas erin mccall
Erin McCall

It's true that balloons bring a party vibe to any wedding element. Not only did these pink versions echo the colors in this event's sign, but they were also a festive addition to the setup.

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Wedding Exit

wedding exits balloons sharee davenport
Sharee Davenport

Searching for a simple, yet whimsical wedding exit idea? You've found it: Walk right into married life through a balloon tunnel.

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Sweetheart Table

sweetheart table with balloon display
Laura Foote Photography

Balloons are so easy (and affordable!) to incorporate into your event, that you'll want to include them in every part of your wedding décor—right down to your sweetheart table. This setup was executed by All About You Event Planning & Rentals and Kistner's Flowers and, thanks to a pair of balloons, ensured that all eyes were on the couple of the hour during the reception.

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Bridal White Balloons

bride holding up numerous white balloons
Elizabeth Hoard Photography

Another benefit of balloons? They come in a myriad of different shades, meaning you can find the perfect colorway to match virtually any aspect of your event, from your floral décor to your bridal attire.

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white wedding balloons
Lauren Peele Photography

Use your balloons' long strings to add even more foliage to your reception decorations (especially if you're having your wedding outdoors!). The small amount of greenery seen here on these white circle options was just enough to tie this floating set up into the location's natural surroundings.

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Bouquet of Balloons

couple with balloons
Rebecca Yale Photography

Who says your bouquet has to be composed of flowers? A bright "arrangement" of balloons, like this one, will add a cheery pop of color to your ensemble.

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Lounge Balloons

ballloon wedding lounge area
Sweetlife Photography

Enhance your wedding lounge by punctuating the space with colorful, tassel-trimmed balloons.

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Table Balloons

wedding balloon guest book
Anya Kernes Photography

Ensure your guestbook gets signed by marking its station with a large balloon. This white one, with added greenery, definitely got the attention of attendees at this event.

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Marbled Balloons

Brklyn View Photography

You can bring balloons straight into the 21st century for your modern event. The trick? Opt for marbled versions, like these from NY Balloon & Basket Co.

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Pool Balloons

Katie Stoops Photography

While balloons look pretty floating in the air, we'd argue they look just as great on top of the water at your poolside celebration. These pink, white, and red options are proof.

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Greenery-Covered Balloons

couple white balloons
Meg Cooper

To make sure your white balloons stand out in your wedding photos, model these iterations from The Corner Balloon Shoppe and wrap vibrant strands of greenery around the strings.

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Balloons for Your First Look

couple with colorful balloons
Jordan Brittley

Incorporate balloons into your first look by hiding behind them until the big reveal.

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Balloon Photo-Ops

bride groom xo wreaths
Britta Marie Photography

Pose with your partner and lettered balloons for a creative shot for your photo album.

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wedding balloons with tassels
Nichols Photographers

Since balloons (especially white ones like these!) lend themselves well to color, feel free to experiment with bright tassels and marbling.

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Balloons for Your Ring Bearer

Barb Simkova/Tara McMullen Photo

Forgo the traditional ring bearer pillow for something a little more whimsical—a large, yellow circle balloon.

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Elegant Head Table

head table
Bowtie and Belle

Make your head table stand out by surrounding it with elegant, weighted balloons.

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Balloon Drop

joanna jay wedding balloon drop
Nina and Wes Photography

Throwing a New Year's Eve event? Time a balloon drop with the famous ball drop. This couple opted for black and Champagne-colored versions for an even more celebatory vibe.

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