It's all about giving brides the royal treatment.
mordekai jewelry line gold rose
Credit: Courtesy of Mordekai by Ken Borochov

Jeweler Ken Borochov, the brains behind New York City's fashion accessories store Mordekai, has designed other-worldly creations for some of today's biggest stars-Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears-but now, he's taking on new all-star clients: brides and grooms. With the same opulence and extravagance of his celebrity collections, Mordekai's Love Heirlooms line offers a new wave of gorgeous jewels for your big day.

Marked by strong, regal motifs of roses, thorns, and animal imagery, Love Heirlooms makes an impactful statement. "I am introducing a new bride that wants to be just as iconic and memorable as any of the icons I've dressed," Borochov explains. "Whereas the traditional pearls and rhinestones are so commonly used in weddings; the Mordekai bride and groom have a stronger, more memorable approach." When you use 24kt gold, sterling silver, and rose gold-plated brass to make a crown, the wearer willl truly feel like royalty.

Celestial-Inspired Wedding Jewelry for Boho Brides
mordekai jewelry line gold crowns
Credit: Courtesy of Mordekai by Ken Borochov

Royalty was a major influence for Borochov, whose his-and-hers baroque gold crowns and rosette gold headpieces would make any couple feel like they could rule the world.

There is also plenty of options for same-sex couples, such as matching feather-adorned tiaras for brides, matching cufflinks and bracelets for grooms. "It's important for me to provide these loving couples with fabulous Mordekai options," Borochov said. "I haven't seen the market target the LGBTQ group yet, and I want to make a strong statement as a gay man to celebrate love of every kind--and of course provide the accessories for the event!"

mordekai jewelry line gold birds
Credit: Courtesy of Mordekai by Ken Borochov

Take one look at the collection, and you'll notice a number of repeating themes. The reason? Love, naturally. "These are the emblems of Mordekai that have been carried on from season to season," Borochov said. "Florals, wings, and bees signify love, freedom, beauty, romance and power.

"It is important for me to provide a total look for the wedding," Borochov added. "I want to create that in the accessories worn by the wedding party: a complete world where the whole party gets a piece representing the wedding couple, lifting them up as the ultimate royalty for the night."

Love Heirlooms runs between $295 - $3,200 per piece and is available now on


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