These presents make holiday entertaining so much easier.

By Lauren Wellbank
December 19, 2018
bridal party bride opening butterfly gift outdoors

Whether you recently tied the knot or are getting married next summer, if you've already celebrated your bridal shower, there's a good chance you unwrapped a number of beautiful gifts that are worth breaking out this holiday season. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to put your bridal shower haul-some of which you may not have had a chance to use just yet-to good use during this time of year. Here, how to use those bridal shower gifts while entertaining family and friends this season.

Slow Cooker

You registered for a slow cooker with visions of arriving home from work to a fully-cooked dinner. Whether or not you've put it to use in that way just yet, know that it's also a great tool for holiday entertaining. Inviting guests over for dinner? Mulled wine is the perfect cocktail to make in your slow cooker-plus, it's easier to make than it sounds. All you need is a bottle of a mildly fruity red wine, a small amount of brandy, mulling spices, and any garnishes of your choosing. You really cannot go wrong with some orange slices, cloves, and cinnamon sticks.

Crystal Glasses

Break out your brand-new crystal and serve up a recreation of the signature drink your guests sipped during your wedding. It will give you a chance to bring your party guests back to that special day while also showing off the glassware that you may find yourself too afraid to put into rotation for daily use.

Serving Platters

It's the moment your serving platters have all been waiting for! A holiday party is the perfect time to unwrap all of those stunning serving platters you registered for. Store-bought snacks or vegetable trays look so much more elevated when served on formal platters, and there's just something about a slate cheese board that makes your favorite cheddar taste that much more delicious. As an added bonus, anyone who gifted you one of these items will be happy to see it being put to such good use.

Cake Stands

Cake stands can be used for far more than storing and displaying desserts. If you have a big spread and need to squeeze a little more room onto your counters or table, arrange dishes on top of your cake stand. The base of a traditional stand takes up far less room than a normal plate and will give your tablescape some added dimension. Of course, if you want to bake a cake, we're sure your guests won't complain.


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