No one tells you how sore your body will be after all that dancing!

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In the days following your wedding, you'll experience many different emotions-everything from pure joy to exhaustion and sadness (that it's over, of course!) are common. Rather than beat the post-wedding blues with a bottle of wine and a honeymoon countdown, consider heading to your local spa for some R&R with your new spouse. Rachel Beider, a massage therapist and owner of Massage Williamsburg, says the benefits of massage include stress relief, pain management, improved sleep quality, and bonding for couples. Here are all the reasons why focusing on wellness at the very start of your marriage is a good idea.

You'll reduce your stress.

Planning a wedding is no small feat, but you've done it and you've enjoyed all the perks of the most memorable night. The big day may be behind you, but some of that stress isn't. You still have post-wedding tasks like writing thank-you notes and paying any final bills. Taking time for a massage can really help release some of the stress and tension you've been holding onto for months.

You'll soothe any sore muscles.

Massage helps with muscle stiffness and soreness, and you might be amazed by how much your body aches the day after your wedding. Beider says that pain in the feet and legs from high heels, standing for hours, and dancing can all be addressed during a post-wedding massage. No one wants to head off on their honeymoon in pain!

It's great for mental health.

"It's good to take an hour to unwind and take a break for your mental health," Beider says, especially after all you've been dealing with in the months leading up to your wedding. As exciting as it is, getting married is still a major life change. Taking time to process the big experience and clear your mind is essential.

You can bond with your new spouse.

Whether you're right off to your honeymoon following the wedding or heading back to work, starting off your first week as a married couple is something worth celebrating as just the two of you. A couples massage is a nice way to bond and relax into the next phase of your relationship.

It may help with your post-wedding ailments.

Massage may be the answer to some of your hangover prayers. "It's important to stay hydrated before and after massage," says Beider, "but because massage increases circulation the same way a brisk walk would, it can help speed away some of the hangover symptoms." The pro also adds that massage is a great way to address tension headaches, which have a tendency to creep in following a major event. If you know you're prone to them, skip the ibuprofen and book an appointment in advance.

You'll sleep better.

Sleep improvement is another great benefit of massage. So, if you find yourself up half the night reliving your magical wedding day, head straight to the spa to tackle the post-wedding insomnia.


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