Plus, the all-star couple's thoughts on this season of The Bachelor.
Trista and Ryan Sutter
Credit: Trista Sutter via Instagram

On the first ever season of The Bachelorette, Trista Rehn said "yes" to firefighter Ryan Sutter when he got down on one knee. In return, Trista gave him her final rose-which he still has fourteen years later.

"I still have that last rose," Ryan said in an interview with Good Morning America. "He does, in the closet upstairs," Trista added. The couple opened up about taking their love lives from television to the real world, and making it work despite the many odds (and doubts). "Simon Cowell sat on a couch with me, and he's like, 'I give it two weeks,'" Trista said. Well, almost fourteen years of marriage later, Cowell couldn't be more wrong.

The couple and their two kids, Maxwell, 9, and Blakesley, 7, live in a small town outside of Vail, Colorado to get away from the limelight-but that doesn't mean the romance seen on the show has stopped. "He wrote me a sweet card, you know, just out of the blue," Trista said. The two also shared their advice on how they make their marriage work. "I think forgiveness is a big one because no one's perfect and neither of us are perfect," she said.

As for the current season on The Bachelor, the seasoned veterans have their opinions. "I actually love that they've added [Corrine] to the mix because it's really fun to watch," Ryan said. "But eventually it has to get, like, serious if he wants it to get serious. And she's gotta go because she's just a distraction." Take note, Nick, so you can have a lasting love like these two!


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