20 Marbled Invitations Fit for a Modern Wedding

stationary with subtle white marble design and gold writing
Photo: Harmony Lynn Photography

These stationery suites will beautifully elude to your ultra-cool celebration.

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black and orange marble print accent on black stationary with orange calligraphy
Holley Elizabeth Photography

There's no denying it: Marbled prints are a major trend in the world of weddings. Often featured on cakes, escort cards, and big-day signs, marble patterns have made their way into a new element of the big day: stationery. When you think about it, it's pretty obvious why: the pattern lends itself well to something as versatile and personal as a wedding invitation, and the diverse design offers a modern, sophisticated feel that translates well onto paper. Best of all, it still eludes to that luxe vibe most couples want associated with their celebration. Whether you go bold with a dark grained look or design an invitation with a frosted finish, any marble suite is sure to impress. That's why opting for the natural stone pattern is a great way to set the tone for your wedding.

Marbled invitations can beautifully reflect so many big-day styles, too. The pattern's polished, white finish aligns with classic aesthetics; bohemian décor often features earthy stones, which makes the paper style a great fit for whimsical events, as well. However, you'll most often find marble (and marble invites!) at modern weddings—which makes sense, considering the medium's monochrome palette. This dark marbled stationery suite by Fête and Quill spoke to the contemporary event to come perfectly and also employed a colorful twist: The envelope was elevated by a subtle orange hue.

Another reason to love the marble wedding invitation trend? Like the actual stone, no two marbled suites are the same—these slight variations make for dynamic, unique paper goods, as evidenced by the statement-making invites ahead. After all, who wouldn't want to be able to say their wedding suite is one-of-a-kind? If that doesn't convince you to choose marble stationery, the following modern suites most certainly will.

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Dark Marbling

navy and off white marble stationary wedding invites
Greg Finck Photography

The gray and navy marbling on this envelope insert tied these invitations by Design House of Moira together with their accompanying envelopes.

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Envelope Liner

Adam Barnes

This Paperzest stationery offered a subtle take on this wedding trend—there was only a hint of marble in the envelope liner.

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Frosted Appearance

stationary with subtle white marble design and gold writing
Harmony Lynn Photography

For an industrial-style wedding, Andi Mejia created invites with a frosted marble appearance; gold calligraphy and gold-leaf detailing polished the suite.

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Wax Seal

gloria zee wedding stationery
Blush Wedding Photography

Marble details, calligraphy, and a wax seal added a level of sophistication to these light blue, gold, and white invites by Written Word.

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Uniform Design

white marble print stationary with black calligraphy
Lindsey Lyons Photography

This suite by Sweet Pear Paper served as the inspiration for multiple other marbled design elements at the couple's chic wedding.

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Subtle Marbling

rose gold and black writing on white marble print stationary
Jenny Haas Photography

The light marbling throughout these Tied & Two invites allowed for the rose gold calligraphy to shine.

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Gray Grain

gray and white stationary suit wedding invites with marble accents
Hope Photography

Laurel & Marie, LLC created this classic stone-isnpired stationery suite, which featured a light gray pattern and subtle leaf design.

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Contrasting Copper

white and gray marble print stationary suit with copper calligraphy and black writing
Mikkel Paige Photography

The copper accents on this marbled invite by Bliss & Bone proved that two contrasting natural finishes can complement one another in an elegant way.

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Muted Finish

muted white marble design stationary wedding invites
Annie Randall Photography

This light gray suite by Nora Belle Designs displayed a darker, busier grain that gave the marble a more muted finish.

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Two-Toned Marbling

gray and light pink stationary suit with gray marble accents and floral design
Ryann Lindsey Photography

This couple went bold with their Lovely Letter Collection invitation suite's color choice: They added dramatic purple to the gray marbling.

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Vellum Pockets

wedding invite
Tec Petaja

The foil-printed text on these Bliss & Bone invites complemented the marble-patterned vellum pockets they were tucked into.

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Bohemian Lavender

white stationary suit with gray and pink marble accents and calligraphy
Whiskers and Willow Photography

To foreshadow their earthy, desert wedding to come, this couple sent out these Type & Title invites, which featured lavender and gray marbling that exuded a bohemian feel.

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Gold Details

joyann jeremy wedding stationery
Christian Oth Studio

This classic suite by Amber Moon Design was accented with a black-and-white marbled design and gold detailing.

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marbled modern invitation by bliss and bone
Jose Villa

These hand-marbled Bliss & Bone suites, which featured leather, a skinny ribbon, and bold typography, made a lasting impression on guests.

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Black Medallion

wax seal wedding invitations black wax seal
Lilli Kad Photography

Nicnillas Ink used a black medallion seal to attach twine detailing to this white suite, which also featured a dark grained marble.

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Deckled Edges

deckle edge invitations blush wedding photography
Blush Wedding Photography

Transparent save-the-dates and marbled invites by LeLe Chan Designs worked cohesively as one suite thanks to matching deckle-edges and calligraphy.

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Simplistic and Classic

white marble stationary suit with black writing
Mikkel Paige Photography

This simple, classic suite allowed for the realistic marbling to be on full display.

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Rose Gold Accents

rose gold accented white and navy stationary wedding invites
AK3 Forografia

Atelier Invitations adorned these white marbled invites with rose gold calligraphy for a chic upgrade.

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Geometric Shapes

white marble printed stationary wedding invites
Alexis June Weddings

This modern suite by Elisa Anne Calligraphy featured white geometric shapes that popped over a dark grained, white marble print.

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