These beauty looks work great for warmer weather.
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Of all the photos that will eventually hang on the walls of your home-from your graduation portrait to images of your future children-your wedding snapshots will be among your most prized. That's why makeup artists have a tough job: How they apply your eyeliner, foundation, and lipstick that day will remain in your personal history for decades to come. You'll definitely want a beautiful, timeless look that you'll love forever, but balanced with the right amount of contemporary appeal. What's big right now? We asked two pros to weigh in on the biggest (and best) bridal beauty trends they're seeing this summer.

Muted Tones on Eyes

This season, makeup artist Sophia Porter says that brides are chosing muted tones for their eye makeup, and for good reason! Lighter shades are a subtle way to bring out the natural glow, color, and glimmer of your eyes. But Porter suggests being mindful of the texture of the shadow to make sure that you're achieving the best look possible. "Definitely go for one with a satin finish over completely matte. This will give some life to the look and keep it from looking to dull," she advises.

What type of muted color? Jules Annen, a makeup artist and hair stylist, suggests opting for a "wash of soft pink eye shadow with a darker pink crease to open your eyes and add a subtle dimension to your eye shape."

Gentle Pops of Color on Lips

The classic red lip is a great choice for fall and winter nuptials, but Annen says a "berry" lip is most lusted after in the summertime. Choosing a berry shade is a gentler way to add color without going overboard. Annen says to start moisturizing and exfoliating your lips two weeks prior so they respond well to the color and look totally kissable.

Porter also says that long-lasting lip stains are trending with brides, no matter the season. "I use a traditional lip stain that is oil or water-based, rather than a matte one. These give the true 'stained' lip effect," she says. And to keep those summer vibes going? "To make it not-too intense, I recommend going with a slightly opaque gloss and applying in thin layers for just enough color."

Fresh-Faced Look

Summer makeup is less about strong lines and features, and more about enhancing that organic freshness that comes from within. Porter says many summer brides will opt for a dewy look since this will photograph well. The key is to make sure you don't switch up your routine to avoid breakouts. "When trying to achieve a dewy look, make sure you are generously moisturizing your skin with the proper products for your skin type. Preparing the skin prior to makeup application will take your look to another level of perfection," she explains.

In addition to the right skincare regimen, Annen says that mixing a highlighter with your moisturizer will add that summer romance glow and shine that's essential to pulling off a fresh-faced look.

Lash Trios

Even if you're going for a more relaxed makeup look, there's still room for luxe lashes, according to Porter. One summer bridal trend is to add even more fullness to your eyelashes by placing a trio of false lashes to finish your look. Because it gives you plenty of volume and effortlessly opens your eyes, you can do with less eyeshadow and liner and still have a polished, beautiful look.


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