Credit: Raymond Hom

The next best thing to ice cream cones? Candy cones.

1. Download our clip art (Cone 1 or Cone 2), and print onto metallic paper. (You'll get four cones per 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheet. To create a display of cones in an alternating pattern, print half the sheets with one page and half with the other.)

2. Use a paper trimmer to cut each sheet into quarters.

3. Lay flat, lengthwise, with message facing down. Roll into a cone shape, with "Enjoy" centered on cone, and secure with clear tape or clear adhesive circle labels.

4. Cut iridescent film into 7 1/2-inch squares. Place candies in center, bundle them up, and tie with ribbon.

5. Insert into the cone.


Pearl White mini milk chocolate balls (SWC3735), $39.50 for 5 lb., from Candy Warehouse.

Iridescent film (#11209-1036), $9.67/roll, Blick Art Materials.

32-lb. metallic paper in opal, Paper Presentation.

7mm ribbon (#ER1540, color #71), $8.05 for 5 meters, Mokuba New York.


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