Spoiler alert: There's a lot of tequila.
Julianne Hough bachelorette weekend

Julianne Hough, the world's most chill bride-to-be, has (finally!) given us hope that her wedding day could be on the horizon. Julianne, who got engaged to hockey player Brooks Laich in August 2015, is celebrating her bachelorette party this weekend. The DWTS two-time champion jetted off to paradise and climbed aboard a Celebrity Cruise with pals like Nina Dobrev and Lauren Paul and it looks like the party is just getting started.

To get the weekend going, the girls stayed at a resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It makes sense, since Nina Dobrev shared multiple images on social media of lots and lots of tequila shots. She also shared an image of the bride-to-be in a very appropriate bachelorette party getup: a white bikini, pink sash and veil.

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The girl squad has appropriately named the trip Jules's "Beachlorette" weekend, and have thought of very creative hashtags like "hastalavistahough" and "#TheFinalHoughrrah." Pun-tastic hashtags are never a bad idea-especially when it comes to bachelorette parties!

Hough's stylist took to Instagram to share where exactly the girls are staying this weekend. "We made it!!! @juleshough can't wait to celebrate you kissing the single life goodbye this weekend with all these babes," she captioned the photo. All we have to say is wow-can we get an invite? With the weekend just beginning, we have a feeling this will be one party to remember.


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