Your engagement news is bound to be met with a variety of different reactions from your inner circle.

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You've been dreaming about the moment you get to celebrate your engagement and show your beautiful new ring to friends and family. Although the vast majority of your loved ones will react with genuine happiness and excitement, most brides will find that there are a small number of other emotions their inner circle will display upon seeing your new bauble. Here are four reactions to expect about your engagement ring, and how to deal with each one.

Excitement and Elation

This is the one you'll be met with most. After one look at your engagement ring, most friends will shriek with excitement, then beg you give a play-by-play of the proposal. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, and remember to return the favor by expressing excitement over your friend's ring when she gets engaged.


Whether it's from a pal who just got out of a long-term relationship, or an older sister who thought she'd be engaged first, there's a variety of different reasons why someone might seem jealous as they look at your ring. If your friend gives an insincere compliment or tries to downplay the proposal, try not to take it too personally. Acting defensively or calling out the issue may make matters worse. Instead, enjoy the company of those who are happy for you.


Someone may act outwardly joyous about your engagement ring, but you can tell their heart isn't in it. Before calling your friend out, think about the impact of your ring (and engagement) on their life. Maybe it's reminded her that she's the last single woman in your friend group, or she's wondering when her own significant other will pop the question. If you truly can't think of a reason for her sadness, gently ask if anything is wrong.


There's nothing wrong with innocent questions, but it's those loaded queries that are entirely uncomfortable. "Did you always want a small diamond?" "Ovals are so trendy right now! Aren't you nervous it will out of style?" Don't let these disapproving questions dampen your mood. Retort with an optimistic but kind reply, like, "I think it's absolutely perfect for me!" If the questions make you uncomfortable, like "How much did he spend?" or "How many carats is it?" then don't feel pressured to answer.


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