The singer has set the date for her big day.
Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd
Credit: Maren Morris via Instagram

Country music star Maren Morris sang at last night's 2017 CMA Awards. But before the engaged singer took to the stage for her performance, she caught up with E! News to talk about her upcoming wedding. According to Morris, she and fiancé Ryan Hurd have set their wedding date. They've also brainstormed some great ideas for their celebration.

"We have a date now-it's March 24th," the celebrity shared. "I feel like all the corners are knocked out. We've got the location, the date, the guest list-kind of-and I've got the groom!" she added. "So, that's the most important part." The musical artist then went into some of her wedding plans. "I'm not a very stuffy person, and I actually get really bored just sitting down for hours and hours. Ryan and I want it to feel like us, so it's going to be a party," she revealed. "There's going to be a margarita bar, oyster bar, a Motown DJ, my dog. All of it."

Morris gave her interview with Niall Horan, who she teamed up with to perform at the award show. Accordingly, she also involved her collaborator in the conversation. "Niall's performing," the star shared, referencing her dream wedding singer. Don't set your hopes too high, though-she seems to have been joking. "I'm performing," Horan retorted. "That's the rumor we've just started."

Morris and Hurd got engaged over the summer, and announced the news on social media. The couple recently starred together in Hurd's latest music video.


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