This is supposed to be a happy day, remember?

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Everyone does foolish things from time to time, but when your new in-laws are the culprits and it's your wedding day, those wrongs are bound to sting a little deeper. Here, some common big-day don'ts you wish your mother- and father-in-law would familiarize themselves with.

Wear a dress that gets more attention than the bride's.

While the majority of mothers-in-law wouldn't think of upstaging anyone-especially their new daughter-in-law on her wedding day!-some women do just that. If your husband's mother shows up in an attention-grabbing gown, just remember this: No matter how low-cut, thigh-high, or tight the MIL's dress, she could never outshine a glowing bride on her wedding day.

Complain about the food.

Unless your new in-laws are footing the bill, it's not their place to complain to the caterer that the beef was overcooked, the shrimp ran out before they could have seconds, or that the mini taco hors d'oeuvre was too spicy. Wedding caterers have the difficult task of feeding 100 or 200 people at the same time, each with their own food likes and dislikes. That's why buffets and giving guests a choice of entrées are popular. If they've enjoyed other parts of the meal, the caterer would be thrilled to hear about it.

Sneak over to the hotel lounge.

If your new father-in-law is MIA throughout the entire reception, people will notice. Why is he so enamored with the lounge? Because it's got three 54-inch TVs tuned in to the big game. It's bad enough that the groomsmen are watching, too!

Start a screaming match.

The groom's parents are divorced and haven't seen each other since his college graduation. Instead of a polite hello or ignoring each other, they get into a loud argument. This was your biggest worry and thanks to those two quarrelling exes, your day is now a nightmare. Get a few of his brawny cousins to break them up before it turns into something serious.

Ask about grandchildren.

Your mother-in-law can't seriously expect an answer, can she? On the wedding day? It's great that she's ready to be a grandma but you might want some time to enjoy being newlyweds before becoming parents. Your timetable is your business. But when you have happy news to share, make sure she's one of the first you call!


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