Social media posts after you get engaged trump documenting what you had for brunch. Having said that, your pre-wedding status updates are way more complex than pancake pics because they can be interpreted a dozen different ways. We decided to do a bit of social media deciphering to give you an idea about what your social media followers think. You're going to "like" this.

1. You post: I'm Engaged!

Facebook friends think: Congratulations-so happy for you! Well, maybe not overly happy since my last three dates sort of sucked and Nana keeps asking when I'm going to get married even though I don't have a boyfriend. Grrr!

The bottom line: Your close friends are stoked that you are heading down the aisle, but for the rest of your 200 acquaintances the announcement is just another newsfeed update and reactions will vary. People who are in a happy place will be glad to hear your news, while someone moping around after a bad date might find it irksome.

2. You post: Ugh. Who knew wedding planning could be so hard?

Facebook friends think: Poor you, having to plan one of the most exciting days of your life.

The bottom line: No need to start complaining, even though wedding planning can be challenging-you might have to deal with fussy bridesmaids and not-so-budget-friendly venues-but Facebook is not the place to pour your heart out about pricey canapés. Talk to your fiancé or a good friend who won't mind listening to you vent.

3. You post: Cake tastings today-yum!

Facebook friends think: I wish I could eat cake all day long.

The bottom line: That's just bragging. Wedding planning comes with a lot of perks, including spending an afternoon deciding on frosting flavors, but you have to realize that not everyone you're friends with on Facebook is going to enjoy said cake.

4. You post: Spinning tonight-only five more pounds to lose before the wedding day.

Facebook friends think: Not sure what you're talking about, you already look great.

The bottom line: Admit it, you're fishing for compliments. If losing weight is part of the wedding planning that's fine, but no need to do a pound-by-pound countdown.

5. You post: I'm getting married today!!

Facebook friends think: Can't wait to see the wedding pics!

The bottom line: Hooray, it's finally here! You deserve to share your excitement with your entire social media network.


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