He even wrote her a message in the sand.
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It's been three years since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend tied the knot in a beautiful wedding in Lake Como, Italy. Ever since then, the couple has made "growing old together" look pretty great, welcoming a daughter, Luna Simone, in April, and constantly sharing the sweetest snapshots of one another on social media. Chrissy's 31st birthday today was no exception; John Legend took to Instagram to wish his wife well, with a beautiful photo and a touching caption.

Chrissy Teigen Celebrated Her Wedding Anniversary to John Legend In the Most Chrissy Way

"Happy birthday to my queen," the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter wrote. "You are beautiful, bright, funny, passionate and so inspiring. Your presence makes my life and our world so much better. I LOVE YOU!"

We would expect nothing less from the man who penned the lyrics in "All of Me." The song was inspired by Chrissy, after all. The couple is celebrating with a vacation in Cabo. Legend shared a serene shot of Mexico water yesterday and then followed up today with a photo of Chrissy on the beach, standing before a message in the sand, reading: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSY.

Grooms, take note!

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