You should have a little say in what she wears.

Flower girls are arguably the most fun members of the wedding party to dress. Is there anything more adorable than seeing a little one in a sweet dress or skirt sprinkling petals down an aisle? Not really. But it's important to remember that not all flower girl outfits are created equal, especially when it comes to a fall wedding. To help you find a seasonally-appropriate outfit for your youngest attendant, we're offering our top tips.

Think about weather and comfort.

Everyone knows the key to comfort in fall months is to dress in layers. Consider having something unexpected, like a white denim jacket, embroidered with flowers for your young attendant to wear over her dress if she gets cold. If you want a more traditional look, shawls and sweaters are also good options to help lessen the chill. Plus, little girls can be very picky about what they're willing to wear, especially for a formal event. You want to be absolutely sure they're totally comfortable in what you've selected.

Play up your color palette.

The flower girl's attire often mimics the bride's, but some women prefer to have their flower girl coordinate with the bridesmaids' dresses or the wedding's overall color palette instead. If you've chosen jewel-toned dresses for your 'maids or for your reception décor, you might want to have your flower girl wear a floral patterned outfit that highlights those tones.

Consider your wedding theme.

Your flower girl's outfit should go with the overall theme of your day. If you're having a black-tie wedding, a full-length dress would be most appropriate for your flower girl. If you're planning a garden bash, a more casual dress, complete with a flower crown, would work.

Make sure the dress works for her age and size.

While you may think it's smart to get the flower girl's attire sorted out long before the wedding comes along, it's not always a safe bet. Kids grow quickly and at unpredictable times, allowing their sizing to fluctuate unexpectedly. It's usually best to place the final order two or three months before the wedding.


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