Nickelodeon Actress Daniella Monet Is Engaged!

Her proposal response was so funny.

daniella monet andrew gardner
Photo: Daniella Monet via Instagram

Daniella Monet of Victorious is getting married! The current host of Paradise Run got engaged on Christmas and is officially set to wed her longtime love, Andrew Gardner. The best part? The Nickelodeon actress accidentally filmed it all!

"We woke up Christmas morning, and we were getting ready for the day, and Andrew said we should take a family picture with the two dogs," Monet explained to People. "So, I got my hair and makeup ready and got dressed and I thought, 'Oh, I'll make a little vlog out of it,'" she recalled. After opening presents, Gardner blindfolded her, and walked her to their kitchen window, which has a view of a tree in their yard. "I didn't see anything. I was so confused. I didn't know what I was looking for," Monet admitted, before it all clicked.

"Eventually I noticed there was a bow at the bottom of the tree, when I peeked over. And then I finally saw that there was 'Marry Me' carved into the tree with a heart with an arrow going through it," she continued. "My heart sunk, my stomach dropped, everything just felt numb, and I lost it. I just was hysterical."


Once she realized what was happening, the nerves kicked in. "I kept saying 'I don't want to turn around, I don't want to turn around,' because I was so nervous. I knew he was going to be on one knee. I turned around, he was on one knee, he was crying, I was crying, I grabbed his hand and he said, 'Will you marry me?' And my exact words were, 'Yeah, ew, weird,'" she revealed. "But the best part is I got everything on video, just by accident."

Monet and Gardner met through a mutual friend and hit it off on Facebook before going on a date. The pair have been together for over six years.

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