Because cueing up the fireworks isn't actually as simple as it sounds.

With all the positive energy that surrounds the start of a new calendar year, New Year's Eve weddings have a contagious sense of joy. Dripping in sequins and sparkles, and surrounded by optimism for what's to come, this is the one wedding date of the year that's guaranteed to be remembered by all your wedding guests. There are some pretty basic dos and don'ts when it comes to planning a New Year's Eve wedding, and we're here to guide you through a few highlights so you can have the best start to the New Year as a newly married couple.

Do: Splurge on music.

The number one thing that sets a New Year's Eve wedding apart from any other wedding day of the year is that this should be, first and foremost, an incredible party. And what's the secret to that party spirit? The right entertainment, of course. A DJ who spins everything from old school Ginuwine to the latest Gaga album is paramount to a celebration of epic proportion. If you're able to swing a big band, go all out on sound. A two- or three-piece ensemble is great for a ceremony, but you'll want to step it up to a bigger sound base after to get everyone on the dance floor.

Don't: Bother with a Champagne toast.

Champagne (or prosecco) is a must on New Year's Eve. Rather than calculating a glass per person, you can get a little creative here and do a Champagne tower at midnight that guests can pull from. If you go this route, chat with catering about tray-passing additional glasses. This can get hectic for them, so you'll want to be sure they're totally prepared. If you're feeling really wild, check out the YouTube videos on how to saber a bottle of Champagne. Now that's a party trick worth learning for your wedding! No need to waste time on a formal toast though: Guests can always cheers with whatever they have in hand.

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Do: Plan an element of surprise at midnight.

The countdown is inevitable, and you'll want to plan this out so the whole staff is on board. You might consider a balloon drop, a brass band, or maybe even dropping your wedding vows at midnight if you're up for a real surprise. You might bring in your own version of a midnight ball drop or have a surprise sideshow performance. There are so many ways to delight a crowd, so be sure you've got something extra special on the agenda for when that new year comes knocking.

Don't: Bother with a private fireworks display.

If you're able to pull off a fireworks show without a hassle, go for it. But for most, this can be incredibly expensive and ultimately not really worth the money you'll put into it. You're better off being at a venue where fireworks are visible or planning your own element of surprise, as mentioned above. Hiring a pyro team, local firemen, and police officers to oversee a private fireworks show is really a big ordeal. Skip it and come up with something else that's equally fun and unique to you as a couple.

Do: Get kitschy with the décor.

A New Year's Eve celebration wouldn't be complete without poppers, weird sunglasses, and plenty of kitschy New Year-themed décor. There's a way to keep it classy, since this is a wedding, after all. If you stick to neutrals and metallics, steer clear of crazy colors, and get just the right amount of noise makers and poppers, you'll be accomplishing that perfect celebratory vibe. Consider hiring candy stripers to pass around the kitschy goodies on trays.

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