It can be more complicated than you'd think.

By Alyssa Brown
January 03, 2019
shelby barrett wedding guests

Almost everyone has been invited to a wintertime event where there's no coat check offered to guests. That means you're left to wander the party with a coat in hand and a cocktail in the other. How can you greet your family and friends-let alone eat anything-when your hands are full? No bride and groom wants their wedding guests to be caught in such a predicament or to see a beautifully-styled wedding reception where every chair has a coat hanging on the back of it. Here's what you should do instead to deal with guests' coats and jackets during a fall or winter wedding.

Have coat butlers.

As guests arrive, have butlers ready to take their coats and jackets from them. This is a nice way to take the pressure off the coat check and means there's no long line for guests to wait through. Plus, it adds a bit of formality to the entrance and can be complemented by a waiter tray passing sparkling water and Champagne.

Set up a coat check.

If you don't have enough staff for a butler experience, you can still set up a coat check with just one or two attendants. To personalize the experience and ensure it runs smoothly, have nametags ready for each guest so that the attendants can easily organize the coats. This eliminates the need for coat tags or numbers that your loved ones need to keep track of.

Keep your guests warm.

If your wedding is taking place in a space that's open-air or has a bit of a draft, you may want to offer something for warmth at your dining tables. A few shawls or linen scarves over the backs of chairs should do it.

Remind guests to pick up their coats.

If you're considering wedding favors at your wedding, you may want to display them near the coat pick-up area, or include a note on the table that reminds guests to pick up their coats on their way out. Your coat butlers can also help with this, as they'll be stationed at the exit offering their assistance.


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