These tips will help you achieve a perfect ceremony entrance order.
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Pairing up a bridesmaid with a corresponding groomsman-for the processional and recessional, reception entrance, and wedding photos-is a fairly easy task that comes with a few options. But first, a question: Did you know that the bride and groom don't have to have an equal number of attendants? That's right: Being paired up, one to one, isn't essential. If you'd like to have only five bridesmaids, you don't have to reluctantly ask a sixth because your groom's got half a dozen guy pals in the wedding party; let one groomsman escort two bridesmaids. Here are a few ways you can pair up your crew.

Pair them by real-life coupling or friendship.

If a bridesmaid and groomsman are dating, engaged, or married, it's customary to match them up. They're already a couple-no need to break them up for your wedding. Same goes for attendants who are friends-let them hang together.

Pair them by personality.

Think about who would get along with who. Though it's not a blind date, your aim is to pair like-minded people for a day. Match an extroverted bridesmaid with an outgoing groomsman, for example, and they'll be glad to be in each other's gregarious company for the wedding proceedings.

Pair them by height.

Pair up the gang by height: the tallest bridesmaid with the tallest groomsman, for example. The shortest couple walks down the aisle first and the tallest twosome goes last. It works aesthetically, making your photos look balanced.

Pair them by age.

Youngest to oldest makes the most sense. If, however, all your bridesmaids or groomsmen were born the same year (yay, 1992!), this one's not an option, unless you go by birth month (kidding).

Pair them by length of friendship or role.

This may be overthinking things but you could match the bridesmaid you've known the longest with the groomsman your guy has known the longest. The older the relationship, the closest they should be to you in the processional. Similarly, you can pair the maid of honor with the best man, and any bridesmaids or groomsmen who will be performing readings together.


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