And you'll want to ask yourself this question before you officially book your venue.

By Sara Dickinson
March 09, 2020
portable bathroom for wedding

Believe it or not, an important question to ask when touring potential wedding venues is whether or not the location will have enough accessible restrooms for your guests. Whether you're planning a tented reception in the great outdoors or you're worried about long lines, here's how to determine if you need to rent additional restrooms for your wedding.

First, consider whether there are working restrooms at the venue. If you're planning a wedding in the mountains or the desert, for example, you'll likely need to start from scratch. Whether you rent porta-potties or upgrade them, you'll need to know whether there's a water source and a power source nearby and where they can be placed. Ideally, you'll want to place them in a convenient location close enough to the festivities while still being tucked away. If the wedding will be outside at night, make sure to light the path to the restrooms so that guests can find them easily.

No matter what venue you choose, you also need to consider whether there's access to handicap restrooms as there's a possibility that some guests might need these. You'll also want to think about proximity. Will guests have access to a nearby restroom, or will they have to climb two flights of stairs to get to one? And don't forget to account for your total number of guests. If you're inviting a large number of people, consider providing extra restrooms so that guests won't be spending the entire reception waiting on long lines.

Lori Stephenson, owner and principal at Lola Event Productions, suggests providing at least two bathrooms per 100 guests. "I like putting a tent around a bathroom trailer where you can put a table for people to drop their drinks, a full-length mirror, and maybe some lounge furniture to make it feel a bit more special and functional," she says, "Always consider a bathroom amenity basket with items like hairspray, safety pins, and mints as a special touch." Guests will appreciate that you thought of details like these!

If you still don't love the idea of porta-johns at your wedding, consider upgrading to luxury bathroom trailers that have flushing toilets, working sinks, air conditioning, and heating. This will provide an extra layer of comfort for guests—an especially welcome detail when the whole wedding is outside!


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