Planning a shower for an introverted bride-to-be? Follow these tips to ensure she feels great throughout the party.

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In terms of social inclination, there are two types of brides: introverted and extroverted. An outgoing woman may welcome her bridal shower with open arms, basking in the company of friends and family. But shy brides, who tend to have more introverted personalities, dread being the center of attention, which makes the shower an awkward or stressful experience. Are you planning a bridal shower for a shy bride? Here are six ways to make her feel more comfortable during the festivities.

Ask for her opinion.

Before you start planning, have a conversation with the bride about what her dream bridal shower looks like. Gauge her comfort level around activities like party games and the gift exchange, talk about venues she'd feel comfortable celebrating in, and who she wants around her. Use these insights to plan the party.

Don't surprise her.

Some women love the idea of a surprise bridal shower, but an introverted bride-to-be likely does not fall into this camp. Give her the date and details in advance, and let her get excited about the party being thrown in her honor.

Give her the guest list.

The bridesmaids typically compile the bridal shower's guest list with input from the bride, but a shy woman may prefer to be especially involved in determining who will attend. To further ease her tension, let her see the final guest list beforehand so that she won't feel nervous on the day of the party.

Keep the party short.

Most introverted women are more than happy to be social to an extent, but after a few hours of talking, they start feeling drained and overwhelmed. If this sounds like your bride-to-be, plan a shorter shower; three hours is a good sweet spot.

Open gifts after the shower.

Perhaps the least introvert-friendly part of any bridal shower is the gift exchange. Ask her how she feels about unwrapping presents at the party, and offer up the idea of opening them at home instead. More and more brides are choosing to open their gifts after the party to save time, so guests likely won't think anything of this.

Choose appropriate games.

Bridal shower games are the next most cringe-worthy part of the festivities for a shy bride. She may not feel comfortable getting quizzed about her fiancé in a makeshift version of The Newlywed Game, but games that center around the guests might be okay with her. Try dividing the group into teams of women to create wedding dresses out of toilet paper or play a round of bridal bingo.


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