Our Editor-in-Chief, Amy Conway, caught up with Kate Upton at the Pronovias Spring 2018 bridal runway show and got the scoop on the model's wedding plans.
Kate Upton at Pronovias Spring 2018 Show Talks Wedding Planning
Credit: Courtesy of Pronovias

We chatted with bride-to-be/supermodel/actress Kate Upton recently, right before the (stunning) Atelier Pronovias 2018 bridal runway show in Barcelona. She and her fiancé, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, have a ways to go with wedding plans ("We're the worst!" she says), but she let us in on a few details.

On the Overall Vibe:

"We want a destination wedding, like we're taking our friends and families on a vacation and we're having a great time, and we just happen to get married."

On Wedding Planning:

"It's completely intimidating and overwhelming! I wish I were the type of girl who always thought about my wedding, because it would have been so much easier. I would have just been done."

On Traditions:

"Luckily, both of my older sisters are married, and I've seen them go through the wedding process. We have a family tradition-I guess it's a tradition now, since it happened twice-where everyone enters the reception dancing. Then you stop and have dinner, and then you back on the dance floor."

On Dresses:

"I'm really excited to be here-it's my first bridal show. I kind of know the shapes that look best on my body, or make me feel best, because of my red-carpet experience. Usually it's something that accentuates my waist. There are so many fun details you can do with bridal that you can't do with other dresses, so I definitely want to take advantage of this moment."

On Cocktails:

"My personal favorite is tequila, soda, a splash of orange juice, ad a splash of lime juice. It's my own version of a skinny margarita Justin enjoys them too, so I'm hoping to have lots of those that night! You should try it!"


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