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Just like we have a bevy of apps downloaded to our smartphones to help us with everything from getting up in the morning to shopping for clothes, professional wedding planners utilize certain apps while their plan your ceremony and reception. Modern day technology makes it easier than ever for them to share a seamless experience with their clients and create virtual samples of the events their clients are hoping to have. Many of these apps and tools also make it easier than ever for planners to communicate with their clients. "There are some apps and tools that you may use for only the beginning process and some that you may use until the moment you said, 'I do,'" says Andrea Correale of Elegant Affair. "Our goal as wedding planners is to make our tools available and accessible to our brides throughout the entire process while creating a personalized, hands-on experience for their special day."

Here, some of the pros share the apps and tools they rely on most often to plan the most exquisite events for their clients.


That's right: You're not the only person using this social-media platform to gather and keep track of inspiration. Planners love to use Pinterest as a way to brainstorm ideas with their clients. "You can see what trends spark their interest and guide them in the right direction," says Correale. "Pinterest has also allowed us to share some of our creativity, such as our floating Champagne wall, and share with our clients ideas we have already executed."


Digital platform AllSeated gives planners the ability to manage events without even stepping on site. "The program is designed to help manage your guest list, track RSVPs, input menu selections, attach guest's names to seating assignments, and create a floor plan that is available in a 2D and 3D format," explains Correale. "After we design the venue, set all of the tables, chairs, and décor in place, we are able to take them on a virtual tour and experience their event and ensure that they are satisfied with the layout." Correale loves the platform's ability to help her bring a client's vision come to life well before the event even takes place.

Aisle Planner

This is Suzanne Reinhard's, wedding planner and owner of Suzanne Reinhard Events, go-to planning site. She likes it because all of her wedding information is stored and accessed in one easy place. "Aisle Planner offers so much: design inspiration, real weddings, vendor referrals, and all planning tools needed," she says.

The Timed App

The Timed App helps planners create virtual timelines for weddings. "You can put together timelines that are specific for each of your vendors so they don't have to see the entire timeline and send push notifications to your team with last-minute changes," explains Reinhard. "The app can also send emails to your vendors to share all vendors Instagram handles for easy access."

Google Drive

Anything and everything, from documents to high-resolution photographs, can be uploaded and share via Google Drive and shared easily via email, text, you name it. For planners, this service means they're able to easily use and share multiple documents and photos with their team to help execute and run their events, explains Correale. "Our planners create their day of production schedule using a Google Sheet template that we created," she says. "It is easily managed, easy to color code and give responsibilities to the delegated parties, and also allows us to have it on our phones for quick access!"


Mint, a budget manager, helps keep tabs on wedding expenses. "There is so much to keep track of on your own, so we advise our clients to research and use a budgeting app that works best for them," says Correale. "It helps to keep track of not only big ticket items such as their site-fee, catering, florals, and décor, but also the small ticket items such as escort cards and favors."

Sun Seeker

Use Sun Seeker to find out where the sun will be in the sky on the date of your wedding. "You can hold it up and have an idea of what time the sun is setting in the sky at site visits," says Shannon Leahy Rosenbaum, wedding planner and owner of Shannon Leahy Events. "Knowing this information can help you decide where to orient your ceremony and what kind of lighting you'll need in different spaces for outdoor weddings!"


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