You Can't Find Your Wedding Ring. Now What?

How to cope once that sinking feeling in your stomach subsides.

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We've all had that moment: All of a sudden, we can't find one of the items that holds the most value for us. For many recent brides, it's your wedding ring that you're frantically searching the house for. If you ever find you've misplaced this token of everlasting love, don't panic. Follow these steps, and everything will be alright-regardless of whether or not it turns up.


Make sure you're insured.

Having a back-up plan is important for any item that's as valuable as the symbol of your commitment to your spouse. Ensure you're covered in case it ever gets misplaced. After you're engaged, the first thing you'll want to do is insure your engagement ring, says wedding planner Geomyra Lewis. "[By] insuring your engagement ring (and eventually your wedding bands), you have the option of replacing the ring in the unfortunate instance that you would need to," Lewis says.

Stay calm.

There's nothing worse than that feeling you get when you just can't find one of your most prized possessions. But Lewis says it's important to avoid a full-on freak out so you can focus on locating it or, at the very least, figuring out what to do next. After all, you'll want to have a level head as you search. "The minute you notice your ring is missing, don't panic!' she says. "Instead, stop and take a few breaths. Do a physical and mental retracing of your steps from the moment you last remember wearing your ring."


While you're taking those deep breaths, checking your insurance policy, and retracing your steps, do your best to reenact the day, Lewis says. Ask yourself, What have I been doing this past hour? or What was the first thing I did when I woke up this morning? or Was there any reason that I needed to take off my ring today? And don't forget to take into account everything from your normal activities to anything you've done that's out of the ordinary. "Sometimes taking on new tasks or doing something out of sequence will cause us to misplace items," she adds. Don't be afraid to call for backup, either. "If covering a large area, recruit trusted friends to assist."

If you still can't locate your ring…

After you've exhausted all efforts and you still can't find your ring-and you are insured-file an insurance claim as soon as possible. If you don't happen to be insured, you have some temporary options, Lewis says. "A friend of mine purchased a gorgeous 'faux' sparkler while her real engagement band was being resized. No one could tell the difference while her ring was being surfaced," Lewis says. "This can also be an option until you are able to get a sustainable replacement."

And, last but not least, remember that the most important element of your marriage is your love for one another-and no object, regardless of price and sentiment, can compete with that.

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