How is this not the most popular ceremony setup?

Circle Seating Arrangement

Ceremony setups come in a variety of styles, from benches in a row to linear chairs to outside-the-box ideas. One of our all time favorites in the bunch is the ceremony in the round. Picture being surrounded on all sides by the faces of the people you love while committing to spend your days with the person at the top of that list. In case you need convincing, here are the top benefits of having a circular ceremony setup.

It's a great way for guests to enjoy the view.

If you're lucky enough to be exchanging vows in a place that has 360-degree views, a ceremony in the round is ideal. Why choose just one backdrop when you can have your pick of infinite options? Your photographer is sure to love this plan!

It'll make you feel like your ceremony is more intimate.

Regardless of the size of your guest list, a circular ceremony setup makes a space feel intimate. If you think the support of your community is an important part of your marriage, being able to see your guests wrapped around you while you exchange vows is a beautiful way to honor your village.

Circles represent eternity.

With no beginning or end, the circle as a symbol has come to represent eternity, and in the case of weddings, eternal love. What better way to kick off your wedding than in a circular fashion?

The acoustics may be better.

Depending on your ceremony size and layout, you may be able to skip the microphone with a ceremony in the round. You'll want to get a professional's opinion about the space, of course, but your voices will have less space in which to carry across with the rounded layout.

A half-circle also works well.

If you're worried about having a few guests behind you with the circular layout, you might also consider a semi-circle layout. In this case, you could even opt to close the circle in by having your wedding party complete the shape.


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